Remember Who and What YOU Are :)

The Indigo Children <3

Where shall I start! There is so much to say about You Beautiful Dear Ones! I AM going to Share (of course, that is what I do) A few “Traits” That You May Recognize who You are and What You came here to do, as an Indigo, If You are one, Most likely You are, Since You came to this exact Posting 🙂 That’s the First Trait! 😀                                                             One of the Utmost Important things to Note, is Your Creativity and Your Passion Towards “Humanity” and all things that You know and Feel that Are Truly Help-Full for those who need Your Assistance. You came here to Create a Revolution, to Tear apart the Crumbling, Weak walls of The Governments and All Sorts of Non-Loving Agendas, You Are the Warriors of the Cosmos, You are the Ones who Pave the Way for the others to Create a Loving, Harmonious and Peaceful Earth, once again And You will stop at nothing, Because You know Who You are, You know what You came here to do and You know You can Do this. You are all Born into this 3rd Dimensional Reality, with a sense of Belonging, Because You know that there is something that You came here to do and No One else is as Capable of doing such a thing, as You are.                                                                                        Now, All of You will be Born into this Physical World with Heightened Psychic Abilities, as perhaps You might have Learned at some point, that You still have those Abilities 🙂 The Reason You chose to Remember those Abilities, is that as I already said, You are here to Remove certain things from Society, Certain walls, Blocks or other Barriers and Your Psychic Abilities are Your Best Friend when Completing this task, as they Allow You, or You Allow them, To Cut through Any and Every Illusion and By that I mean that, You will Literally see through everything and everyone, You will not accept Lies as Truths, You see the Underlying reasons in Everything and You will Draw out these things, whether In a Conversation, which some of You do not tend to Focus on, Unless it is truly important or if it Somehow assists You in Your mission, or if You are Using that Radical Action, it will assist You in this as well.

Well, now that We have Encouraged You, We Might say a few more things about You Lovely Loves 🙂

Most of You have had a Challenging Childhood and/or Still do and This was simply there for You to Remind what You are here to do and Can be used As Motivation 🙂  I Remind You to also Express all of Your Feelings from this Freely, To make sure that There is nothing affecting You, from these past encounters. Some of You might have things still affecting You, from Your Childhood and some will not. Those of You who Feel or think that they Might have something Holding them back, You can Always come and talk with Me, as I have had the samekind of Experience as You have, of course, Everyone Experiences Everything Differently 🙂

Remember who You are, Remember How Intelligent, Creative and Powerful You are, Remember Why You are here And Go Forward With Integrity, Passion, Love and Truth

Lots of Love, Joy and Peace, I Hope You Enjoy Breaking the Limiting Walls that Society has put up! 🙂 ❤

-Reino-Matti Laukkanen

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