Remember Who and What YOU Are :)

The Rainbow Children <3

Now, the last one in this Group is going to be The Rainbow Children! Last but not least, Yes? Of course, Everyone is Equally Infinite 😀   Now, Rainbow Children, what an Accurate and Amazing wording for these Beautiful Loves. As You know, The Light that is All That Is, Has no Colour, It’s Invisible, atleast to Most of Us. When that Light Goes through a Filter, it Produces the Colour the Filter has Chosen to Create, Which is any combination or all of these, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. As You might have Figured out Already, that All That Exists, Is Light and So, Everything that is, is a Filter as well. Here is where the Rainbow Children come into Play, They are called the Rainbows, Because they Utilize all of these Colours in Balance, They Live in Harmony with All That Is.

Now, There has Been Born a Few of these Rainbow Children, although there is a lot more to come, in the Future. Most, if not All of these Loving Beings have never Experienced.. Experiences.. Before, as a Physical Being and They are all Born With All of their DNA Activated (As anything can happen, some of them Might not be as Awake as the others). The Reason why they are coming here now, is Because The Earth is undergoing a Huge Shift in her Energies All-Around and Right Now, the Energies are High Enough, for these Beauties to Incarnate Into this Dense Playground of Earth 😀  A Great First Experience, Yes? 🙂  Certainly Yes, as they are the ones who will Continue off from the Work of the Indigos and the Crystals and Will Complete this Foundation of Peace, Harmony, Unity and Love, that we are Currently Building 🙂

How are Our Dear Rainbows? Well, First of All (That is), They Do not Know the Feeling of Fear, Doubt or any of these Lower Vibrational Feelings that Some of Us still have. They Remember and know that They are Interconnected with Everything, They Remember that They are Pure Light Energy, as We All are 🙂  They Share and Shine All the Loving and High Vibrational Emotions, Thoughts and Actions We Show to Them, Even if We would not show them, They would still Know that there is something in Your Mind, as they are Highly Psychic and In Tune with Everything and Everyone. As They Love Everything Unconditionally (As Do I), They are Truly Walking (sometimes Levitating[Maybe even Invisible]) Alchemy laboratories, As their Love Will Transform Any and Every “Negative” Experience, into a “Positive” One.

Most of them are Still Physically Young, which means that It is Challenging for Us to know really how Loving They are. Personally, I AM Grateful to have these Beauties Coming here to Us and Assist Our Mama here *Pats the Ground* , We’ll Be Flying even Higher, Soon Enough! 🙂

Thank You for coming here and Wanting to Hear about these Beautiful Beings that Have come here to Serve Us, as a Whole.

Take Care, and Some Bananas as well, If You Still Eat Physical Matter ;P


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