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What is A Starseed? 0.0

Welcome to this Informative post! Today’s topic is going to be … Well, You probably already know it, Starseeds! 🙂

What is A Starseed? Where does this name come from? Are there Characteristics for these things, so I may know if I AM One?

Let’s Dive into it. A Starseed, Is a Soul who has experienced Lives outside of Earth and Chose to Incarnate on to Earth, To Assist with the Ascension of Gaia. While You are Learning and Realizing who You are, it is important for me to Re-Mind You about something important, It is knowing that Everyone is a Starseed 🙂    Everyone on this Planet has had Atleast a Few lives outside of it. Now, Most People on Earth are Mainly here to Experience the Things that Earth offers and Has Offered, Which have been Limitations, Fears, Guilt and Simply just Feeling Cut-Off from All That Is, The Illusion of Separation, that is Why Earth was Created in the First Place, To Experiment with The “Darker” Side of Existence, Which in no Means is Bad or Negative or anything, Unless You make it so 🙂  Those of You who Find Themselves Reading this, Yes Exactly You as well, You too Lad in the Red Shirt, You are The Ambassadors, Healers, Warriors, Wise Ones and the Scientists Of The New Age, or should I say, New Old Age 😀 As We are Returning to that Where We All Once Were, Of course, with a Few Upgrades to Different things.

You, Dear Loves Who Term themselves Starseeds, are here to Uplift this planet In Your Own Way! There are alot of People who You can Take Examples from, Find the Ones who Motivate You, Find Your Tribe and Find Your Life 🙂   Dare To Live and Love, With A Smile of Course 😀      A Smile is More Uplifting than It might seem 🙂  See?! I Made You Smile with My Smile ^.^

Those of You who are Here to Help The Earth in her Ascension, Which is All of You who are reading this, Your Mind Was “Programmed” To Trigger a Certain Event within You, Which would Be The “Ascension” If You want to call it that 🙂   That is why You are Starting to Become Aware of things and Questioning The Illusions around You 🙂

I Would still shortly want to state that, Everyone of Us have Abilities, Like Clairvoyance, Telekinesis, Healing, These sorts of things and Everyone can have any of these Abilities, Which there are Infinitely Of. Some people of course will Be Naturally more Adept at Certain things, Because they would have been Using those Abilities in Most of their Previous Lives and That Would have left an Imprint on the Subconcscious Mind 🙂

If You are looking for Charasteristics of Different Starseeds and Such, Well, You are in the… Correct Place for that! There are an Infinite Amount of .. Well, Everything. Which means that There is an Infinite Amount of Galaxies and Universes, Which means that You could literally Be from Anywhere.. Well, Not quite though! 😀

You see, there are a Few Major Star-Systems that Most of Us Originate from. On Earth, We Have Alot of Arcturians, Sirians, Pleaidians as well as Lyrans and Of course A few other Smaller groups That are as Important as the “Bigger” Ones. All of these Beautiful Groups operate As One, Forming a Loving Bond between All Of Them/Us, Each one of them having their Own Special Things to Do for Earth 🙂   Which one/s Are You a Part of ? It’s “Time” to find out this for You. Ultimately, Your Heart, the Seat of Your Soul, You, Are Holding the Answer Within You, As You start Remembering things, You will Realize that Everything Is Within, You do not lack anything and That You Can Alter Anything and Everything in Your Life and Remember that Your life is Your Life, Respect all Life, Even the Ants or the Mosquitos, As they Are Here to Experience Life as well as You are, Even if that Would not Be Your Primary Reason of Being here! 🙂   You are As Important as Everything Else, You are Everything Else, You are You, You are Infinite and You have the Power to Do Anything and Everything Within You, Now, I ASK OF YOU, TO RELEASE ALL FEAR AND TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE AND TO BE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WANT TO SEE, DARE TO BE DIFFERENT, DARE TO LIVE WITH LOVE AND JOY, DARE TO BREAK DOWN ALL THE ILLUSIONS AND CONQUER ALL THE CHALLENGES, LIVE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! 😀 AND Share the Spice of Life 🙂

I AM Simply BEing Myself. Oh, Yes, About those Charasteristics.. I Shall Give Each of the Mentioned Star-Groups their own Post, So that I Might Write More In Detail About each and one of them 🙂     Expect the Sirius one to Be All High and Mighty, I Am Bias like that 😀    ( I AM Not Sirius)

Lots of Love and Smiles 🙂 ❤

And Almond Milk ❤

-Reino-Matti Laukkanen

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