Remember Who and What YOU Are :)

Arcturian Starseeds, Over here! :)

Welcome Dear Arcturian Brothers and Sisters! Today I AM Going to Share with You, All that I Know About You. A bit odd, Yes? 😀   You Were Within the veil of Amnesia, Yes?  You have Forgotten about a few Important things, Yes? Don’t worry about it dears, WE are here to help You! We shall Share with You, The Information and “Traits” and Signs, for You to Start Remembering Who You Are 🙂

Arcturian Traits

  • They are Drawn to All things Healing and Are Known for their Amazing Understanding of Health and Alchemy
  • They Possess a Strong and Clear Intellect which allows them To Understand even the most Challenging Circumstances with Ease
  • As Beings who know That Health is Wealth, They Invest alot into their Own Health And They Tend to Make their own Dietary choices quite early in their Lives
  • They are Truly in their Own Element when They are Building something. They Enjoy Creating new structures and things that would enhance those structures, Whether They are Building Lego’s or The New Golden Age 😀
  • Can Easily see into the Structures of other Peoples Lives as well As into The Structures of Society. This Allows them to Create that Exact thing that is needed to either Break these Structures Down, or Build Them Up
  • They are Drawn to All sorts of Astronomy and Astrology, All Things That have something to do with The Stars! As They Are quite the Astral Travelers and Know Well how to Build a Spaceship 😛
  • They tend to have .. Different.. Eyes. Their Eyes are quite Deep and You might even See the Cosmos in them 🙂
  • Their Subconscious mind has Gotten used to having a Lower Blood Pressure and Body Temperature, so this is why some, if not All, of them, have those things
  • You know You are here to Build something, Although what is it?! That is the question and Only You can Answer that 🙂

From My Experiences, You Dear Arcturians have Always been So Loving and Caring And One Can see Clearly that You want to Share the Truth of All That Is. Step Forward Dear Arcturian Brothers and Sisters, We Have a Mission to Complete! And a Few Jokes to Be Made 😛   Trust in Your Abilities and Yourself and You will find that Everything will Fall into place when You listen to that Guidance 🙂
I would Like to Re-Mind You, that Even if not all of these Resonated with You, You still could Very Well be From the Bootes. Even if You dont have Boots. Or Boobs. It’s okay, don’t worry about it. Always Remember to Listen To Yourself and You will Prevail 🙂

Now, Let’s Go and Build that Beautiful New Age!

And also to have Some Fun in this, Illusionary Existence 🙂

Lots of Love, Peace And some Refreshing Spring Water.

-Reino-Matti Laukkanen ❤

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