Remember Who and What YOU Are :)

Pleiadian Starseeds, It’s Your turn! :)

Welcome, Dear Pleiadian Brothers and Sisters ! 🙂

This here article was made for You! And for those Who would wish to know more about You. I AM going to tell You, how I See The Pleiadians as well as “Common” Traits among the Pleiadians. Now, not all of these traits will have to Resonate with You, Because Everyone has their Own Stories and Unique Blueprint, They Will Be simply the Sort of Energies that The Pleiadians, You (?), Mainly Resonate With 🙂  Let Us Begin

How are the Pleiadians like? 🙂

Well, if there is one word to Describe them, It Definetely would Be .. LOVE. Personally, I Have always seen our Dear Pleiadians as one of the Most Loving and Beautiful “Races”. The Pleiadians are Peace-Loving (All-Loving In Truth) BEings, who Are here to Assist With the Next Earth-Cycle, Since they are the Ones who are One step “Above” Us, Meaning that If the Earth Would Be solely on the 3rd Dimension, The Pleiadies would Be Solely on the 4th Dimension, Sirius on the 5th and Arcturus/Bootes on the 6th and So Forth. So In essence, They are Here Mainly Guiding Us towards Our Future and What Better Guides would there Be, than Our Dear Pleiadians 🙂

Our Dear Pleiadians are By Nature, Quite Feminine, They Embrace the Arts and Beauty  of Existence and Are Known to Love and Enjoy Expressing Themselves through Creative and Artistic ways Like, Singing, Painting and Dancing 🙂

And Now, For those Traits!  Eventhough You might have already Resonated well With what I Said Before this 🙂

  • You Love To Be Creative and Share Yourself with Everyone
  • You Dream of Love and Unity on Earth and Find Yourself doing things that Create Exactly that 🙂
  • You are Generally Quite Outgoing and Family Oriented, Always looking to make New Friends
  • You have a Strong Intuition, which Guides You through Every part in Your Life 🙂
  • You are Naturally quite Sensitive and this allows You to Be in tune with Your Own and Other Peoples and Beings Feelings.  An Empath 🙂
  • You have a Strong Sense of Self, You know what You want, what You are here To Do and No One Will get in Your way, Truly Determined 🙂
  • You are more Feminine than Masculine By Nature, Love to Be Creative and Expressive 🙂
  • You know the Importance and the Love of Nature, You might find Yourself in A Forest, Surrounded By Bunnies and Birds who are Seeking Your Loving and Calm Presence =^.^=
  • You Know, Whether Consciously or Subconsciously, that Sexuality is something that Sets Us Free and Unifies Us Lovingly 🙂
  • You Care for Everything and Everyone, Knowing that Underneath All, Is Love ❤
  • Beauty Is Your Thing! You find Beauty in Everything and You know You Are Beautiful and it can also Be Seen on Your Physical Appearance 🙂

I would also like to add that, Alot of the Pleiadians Tend to look like those Who Live in the Nordic Areas of Earth. The sharp corners and edges on their Bodies tend to Be more Round And their Eyes are quite Large and Almond shaped and these give them their Youth-Full Appearance.

Well, I hope You have Enjoyed this small Article about the Pleiadians and Thank You for Coming here 🙂

Lots of Love, Beauty and Joy ❤

-Reino ❤


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