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You are Worthy, You are Worthy! Do You Know This ? Do You Feel This? Can We Heal It? Yes We Can!  Welcome! You Have Come here, To Powerfully Remind Yourself (!) Of Your Infinite Worth, That is There Always, Without Conditions, it is Unconditional And It Is Amazing!

Do You Feel Worthy of that Dream You Truly Desire? 🙂 Yes? No? Mayhaps? Worry not, My Dear Loves, I AM here to Assist You in FEELING AND KNOWING YOUR WORTH. How Worthy are You? Society has taught Us and Programmed Us that Our Worth Is Tied with Who We Are, What We Do and How We Do It. Truly, This is A Load Of Bullcrap.
Your Worth, is Never, Ever Tied with what Happens, has Happened or Will Happen, RELEASE YOURSELF.
You see, Once You Realize that Real Eyes, Realize Real Lies. Well not only that, What I meant was that, You are ALWAYS, No Matter What Is Going On, WORTHY.

You see, Society has said that There is acts and things that Make Us either Worthy or Unworthy and Of Course You Would want to Feel and Be Worthy. What was not taught to You though, is that You are Worthy, No Matter what Is Going on Externally or Internally. That is the Truth And once You Realize this, Your Whole World will Amazingly Open! You Will Meet All of those Amazing and Beautiful people that Love You and You Love them, You Will Find Your Own Way in Life, Your Mission/s, Your Partner/s And Anything and Everything else that Uplifts You, You Are Worth it My Dear Being!
It is time to Heal this Wound of Unworthiness, Whether It is from Lives from a While Ago, or Whether it was Because Your Parent/s Was a Certain Way, It’s Okay, We Understand, We Still Love You and Will Always Do, Because it is Unconditional, As Is YOUR WORTH, SO COME FORTH AND SHOW YOURSELF, BE VULNERABLE AND ALLOW THE UNIVERSE TO BRING THAT TO YOU, WHICH YOU KNOW YOU ARE WORTHY OF, WHICH WE ALL KNOW YOU ARE WORTHY OF, TIME TO RISE AND SHINE MY DARLINGS.

Be Free! Live The Life of Your Dreams, Dare to Do It, We Are Here To Encourage You to Do this, We as in “I” And The Team of Angels and Dragons.

Remember, as long as You! Externalize Your Worthiness, You Are Giving Your Own Personal Power Away. You Know How to Be Powerful And We All Know that It is Important For Us All To Be Ourselves, To Bathe In Our Own Power, Our Sunlight, Our Moonlight, Our Anylight. So Rise Up MY Dear Sisters and Brothers, Angels, Crystals, Indigos, Dragons, No Matter What Label You Wear, If Any, YOU ARE WORTHY!

As You Can Sense, These Words are Truly Full of My Power, You Can Sense the Power I Have Poured into these Words to Assist You All. How Did I Do It? A Few Minutes Ago, I Let Go of the Chains of Unworthiness and I Was Instantly Inspired to Share This with You All, As it is one of the Greatest, if Not the Greatest thing, You Can Share With Someone Else, Empowerment. Realizing the Power and Worth of Self. I Highly Suggest You Write things on a Paper or On Your Computer, Simply Just Writing on the Paper, I AM WORTHY and That You Know You are Infinitely Worthy and You Deserve The Best And The Knowing and Feeling of Worthiness Will Follow, As You Awaken Your Feelings of Unconditional Worthiness.

Accept and Love Yourself 100%, No Compromises. Go and do that Odd-Looking Dance that You really want to do, Go and Sing that Beautiful song that You want to Sing, Go and Run through the Neighbourhood without Your Shirt on, Go And Do Whatever The Heck You WANT! Be Yourself. Dont Listen to what Others want out of You, Listen to What You Truly Want to Do and Know You are Worthy of that Dream Life You Have been Desiring so Much. Go For it! And Stay True To Yourself 🙂

I Am Truly Grateful that I FEEL WORTHY. I Can sense it Slowly Opening Up Within Me, Starting to Blossom and Gradually Growing to It’s Natural State.

Thank You for Coming here, I Believe In You And Now it Is Your Time to Believe in You as Well.

If You Wish for more Assistance with Feeling Worthy and Loving and Accepting Yourself Fully, You May want to Talk with Dear Angel Astara and Raphael is always Someone I Go To, When I want to talk about.. Really Anything and Of Course, I Am Here, If You Would like to Converse with Me 🙂

Lots of Love, Strength, Courage and Joy ❤

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