Acceptance, Freedom, Love

Self-Love and Acceptance :)

Self-Love? Yes. Now that is a Big Subject, I must say and For a Reason As Well 😀

I would Dare to Say that It is the Most Important lesson, One Can Learn and it is a Simple One as well. Of Course, Simple things are Power-Full and Might Challenge Your Abilities and Experiences, Though, The Universe, You, Would Not Give You a Challenge if it Did not Know that You Could Triumph Over it 🙂  So Keep that in Mind, if You Wish to.

What does Self-Love exactly Do then?
Well, Self-Love Shows Yourself and Everyone else, That You Are Truly Beautiful and Amazing, No Matter How Your Outward Reflection might Look like, Beings will still Be Drawn to You and more Importantly, The People/Beings Who are At Your “Level”, Those Others Who have Learned the Importance of this Simple thing, People always find Eachother, No Matter what, In Truth, They Were Never Separated in the first place.
So, You Will start Drawing In Things that You know You are Worthy of, Because You know Your Own Worth and You Own it, This sends a Signal to the Universe, that You are Ready to Live in The Infinite Abundance that You are Worthy of Living in 🙂

Self-Love is Important as well, Because You are the Only Person/Being that Who Will Be With You for Your Whole Life , So Accepting and Loving Yourself 100%, Allows for an Extremely Easy Living, as it Automatically Removes all Fuss and Thinking what Others might be thinking about You. When You Love Yourself, Say 75% and You have a Partner who Wants to Love You with All their Heart and You Feel Equally, They cannot do this and Neither Can You, Unless YOU Go And Get that 25% Back ! Only You can do it 🙂
But..But! No Butts, I Mean Buts, Butts can come. No Excuses My Dear Ones 🙂
If You are Afraid of What You will Find, Remind Yourself that What it Allows You to do, How Free You Will Feel, How Independent You Will Feel, How Amazing You Will Feel, Go For It, You are Worth It and Once You have Gone through this, You have Your Own Amazing experiences to Share with Others !

Once You accept Who You are, You Will know, You Will Know that it was Most Definetely Worth it, Freeing Yourself of Fear of Unworthiness, Lack of Love, Judgement and In Some cases Knowing that No One Can Truly Hurt You 🙂

Now, How To Love Yourself Fully and Accept Yourself as Yourself?

First of All, It is important to not Label Thoughts as Positive, Negative, Good, Bad, Decent, Or anything like that, As this will Create Resistance and We would not want that now, Would We? Well, What does Resistance do? Resistance usually comes from a Fear of Something, Not wanting to see Experience something, for Example if You Label Yourself with a Label of Being “Fat”, You will Try to Repress that feeling, Because You have been taught that Being In a Certain way, that Does not match Societies expectations, is Being Unworthy. Well, what Would Happen if You were to Go the other way, Straight Against the Tide of Thoughts of Unworthiness, Going through those waves and Finding that Pearl In the Middle of the Ocean, Called Worthiness. Know that You Worth cannot Be Measured By any Means, or Will not Be determined By anything, It is something that Is Always there and Has Always Been, Waiting for YOU, Yes, exactly You. Go and Claim this Pearl for Your own, Allow Yourself to see where these thoughts and Limiting Patterns have come from and Also, Start Healing this Worthiness By Seeing the Loving Aspects of You and Knowing that You are Worth Loving.

Start Loving Yourself in Either Big or Small Ways, Matters not, as Long as You do it 🙂
Walk up to that Mirror that You propably have and Say That “I Love You” and “I Accept You as You are”, Do things that You would want others to do to You, Like Touch and Caress Your Hair, or Any other Part of Your Body, Buy that Shirt that You Really would want to Wear. Simply just thinking of High Vibrational thoughts about Yourself Opens You up for More Self-Love, which in Truth is the Key to The Amazing Life that You Dream of And Are Worthy of 🙂

Remember that You can Always ask for Help with Anything From Me, Or Your Guide/s and Angels 🙂

Now, Go and Treat Yourself with that Amazing Bath that You want to have! Or Find that Time for Yourself to Meditate and Find What is Blocking.. Or atleast Trying to Block Your Self-Love 😀

Much Love! More Importantly, Self-Love, Joy and Wisdom 🙂

-Reino ❤


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