Acceptance, Freedom, Love

Fear?! How to Deal With it :D

Fear?! Are You afraid of something? What is it that You are afraid of? Ask that of Yourself, You will start realizing Why There is no need to Be afraid 🙂

What exactly is Fear though? Fear, False Evidence Appearing Real, if You contemplate that, You will Find the Truth. What Might the Truth Be Then? Well My Dear, The Truth Is … LOVE! Truly, If You question Anything Enough, You will find that there is Love Behind Everything, Yes, Even if You were to ask Why We Use the toilet, You would Find Love 😀

Fear is something that comes from Lack, We do not want to Lack Anything and In Truth, We Dont! 😀  We have everything Within, So Look Within and Not Outside of Yourself and You will Find Love Within All Things 🙂

Now, How to Deal with Fear? 🙂

No matter where You are, What You might be doing, You could start suddenly Fearing something, No matter if Tiny Or Large, It can and Will Seem like a Challenge to Be Overcome and Yes, You Will Overcome them/It, No matter what it is. That is something to Remember, no matter What the Fear is about, It is never Greater than YOU, Than LOVE, You Can And Will Overcome this!
A Great Way to Overcome Fear and One that I have been using Myself alot, is Exploring the Fear, What Created it? Why does it make Me Feel like this? Like with alot of Fears, It is Most has been Created By Society, as the Ones that Were “Controlling” Our Minds, knew that Fear would Be a Great tool to Control with, as it Was the Only thing that Could even Come Close to The Power Of Love.

Sometimes, You Might see that, Ahh! We Live in a Illusionary World of Duality and that Everything has it’s Counterpart, another side to them, Well, This is not Entirely True, You see, What could Ever come close to the Power of Love? Yep, didn’t Get an Answer, That’s the “Right” Answer 😛  Love has no Counterpart, Because Love is All That Is, Everything that We Do, is out of Love, In the Biggest Picture 🙂

You must Remember that Love is Your Guide, Not Fear, Fear, as Every Emotion (Energy In Motion), is there to Help You Grow! And Expand, Which is the Reason to Why We Do Anything, Expansion is the Reason Why We chose this Experiment that is Called Earth 🙂

You have the Power to Shed the Fear and Reveal the Love that Is Wanting to Come out from Under that Illusion!
Accept And Love Yourself Unconditionally 100%, Remember that Your Feelings and Thoughts of YOU, Are More Greater than that of the Others, Release all Expectations and Embrace Your Uniqueness!

One of the Other Great things that have helped me Conquer these Fears, Is Music, Music has the Power to Alter our Mindset and Help Us in Challenging times. The same Goes for Any sort of Self-Expression, It’s Healthy to Express Yourself, That Means that it Is Healthy for You to Express Your Fear As Well 🙂

More Things that Will help You with Fears? Breathing.  Yes, Just Breathe Easy and Relax Mon! 😀  Tuning into Your Breath Allows You to Be In the Present Moment with Ease. Simply allow the Fear to Be there, Dont try to.. Shake it off or Force it out of You, No 😀
Just See that, Okay, There’s something that needs To Be Solved and Only I CAN Do It, Then Just Smile, Go for it, see what the Fear is all About and Then Start Laughing, Because You know That Everything will Turn Out Greatly In the End 😀

Shift Your Focus from the Fear, To the Love that Permeates All Existence And then You’ll find Yourself Just Flying! 😀

Accept Your Fears, Learn From Them, Move On, Live With Love, Be the Love that You are! 🙂

Have a Beautiful Day, Lot’s Of Smiles and Love! ❤

-Reino <333

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