Meditation? What is that Stuff?

Meditation.. Ommmmmm… Yes? If You want to. What I’ll Share with You Now Though, Might Change Your Perception on Meditation and Might Motivate You to do that 🙂

Now, what Exactly is Meditation? Meditation In Latin Means, To contemplate. To Us, Meditation is That and alot more, It is a Great tool to Use In This Stage of Earth’s and Our Growth, to Connect with All That Is and To Feel .. Everything.
To Me, Like for Many Others, Meditation is Coming to Your Senses, By Losing Our Minds!
It Gives Us that Clarity of Thought, Allows Us to Create and Manifest More Precisely and Allows Us to, Most Importantly, Just to Be in the Now Moment.

Those Who Are Experienced with Meditation and Just Living Their Life to the Fullest, Know that There is No Past Or Future, There is Only NOW.  We Are Living an Eternal Moment of Now and Meditation Allows Us to Embrace that to The Fullest.
The Power is In the Now, Tap Into that And Start Creating 🙂

How Does One Meditate?

Well, Truly, There is Infinite ways to Meditate, Let Us Thin that A Bit Down and Show You what Kinds of Things Allow You to Tap into the Present Moment 100%.

You do Not have to Sit in A Lotus Pose on A Special Carpet for 3 Hours Straight, You Can Though 😀

To Meditate, You simply Need Your Intention and Focus. What to Focus on Though? That is The Real Question. Well it Depends on How You Choose to Meditate. Listening to Music, Painting, Colouring, Walking, Eating, Playing Videogames. Those are All Ways to Meditate.
Why Do These things Allow Me to Meditate though?
It Is All About Your Focus. Tuning into one Sense at a Time Allows You to Meditate. So Next time You Go For A Walk, Let’s say, Try Paying attention Only to the Movement of Your Feet, Allow Your Mind To Calm Down and Feel Your Whole Body And Mind Raising to A Whole Different state of BEing. Eating too, When You Usually Would Eat, You would Just Focus on something Entirely Different than The Food of Yours, So Next time, Try To Focus on the Food, Create a Bond with the Food and Take Your Time with It 🙂

One Great Way to Meditate, is to Tune into Your Breath. Make Sure that You are Breathing Correctly, From Your Spine, Instead of From the Chest. You See, alot of Us, Dont Yet Remember to Breathe Correctly and This in Turn Makes their Blood Cells Less Oxygeneted and Oxygen is Vital For Your Muscles to Function Properly, So Start Taking note of Your Breathing Today! 😀
Breathe in for Four (Through the Nostrils), Then Hold it in for Four and Release for Four and then Do it Again, Just for a Few Minutes A Few Times a Day and After A Week, I Swear, You Will Feel so Different! Once You’ve done the Breath cycle, You can Also Wait for An Additional 4 Seconds, Before taking A Fresh Breath 🙂

During our Day, We Might Be doing alot of things and Then We Might start to Worry about things, During these times, It’s a Truly Great Moment to Meditate, No Matter if it’s 3 Minutes or 40, It Will still Help You in Major ways Like, Calming You Down, Allowing You to Know that Everything’s Good still, It Relieves Stress and Anxiety by A Huge Margin, You’re More Aware of Everything Which in Turn Means that No “Accidents” Are Going to Happen and Most Importantly, it Increases the Amount of Happiness We see in Our Worlds and Decreases The Amygdala, as it is called, Which is The Part of the Brain that Gives Us Our Sense of Fear, So Quite Great Stuff 🙂

I Remember Earlier on My Journey, I Only wanted to Do it Because it Would Silence the Mind, Which in Turn would Allow Me to Chat with My Guides and Angels, As We call them And Now That My Self-Love is At It’s Highest (and Will of course stay There :P) Meditating has Become so Much More important, Because For Me and Other Co-Creators, It’s Truly Important to Have a Clear Mind, To Allow Us to Create More Abundance for Everyone 🙂  And Also To Live from Our Hearts and Follow Our Hearts ❤

So Be Noteful of What Kind of Air Do You Put in to Your System, Are You Breathing in Nature’s Life Force, Or Are You Breathing in Gasses and Stuff from The Traffic and Such?

I Hope You found this Helpful and If You have any Questions, You can Just Send Me A Message, Saying “Yo, I Need some Help with this [Insert Your Thing Here], What Can You Tell Me about it? ” And I’ll answer You, Or If You just want to Chat, Just send Me a Message Saying.. Whatever it is that You would want to say 🙂

Enjoy Your Beautiful Moment of Now
Thank You for Coming here
Lots of Love and Fresh Natures Air ❤

-Reino 🙂


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