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What is the Mother Wound? And Healing It :)

Welcome To This Article where I would Like to Discuss about the Mother Wounds/Trauma, From Ones childhood and How to Heal it! 🙂

First of All, I would like to Say, Thank You for Coming here, as that was the First step Taken 😀
Now for the Next one! 😛
It takes Courage to Face these kinds of Things, as You might Feel like You would not need to Read this at all, or that There would Be nothing to Resolve, To Let Go of, Well, Ask Yourself what Made You come here Truly 🙂  Oh, You just wanted to Support Me and My Website? .. What I meant to Remind You of, is that There are no Accidents or Coincidences 🙂

What does the Mother Figure show Us when We Are Growing Up?

The Mother, The Divine Feminine is All About Self-Expression, Change/Evolution, Creativity, Nurturing, It is the Life-Force that Permeates All of Existence, It is the Unknown, It is the Desire that Ignites Passion, A Part of All That Is, Along with the Divine Masculine 🙂

So from these We can see that As a Child We Would Expect Our Mothers to Provide Us with Emotional Support and Overall Nurturing. Now, Not Every Mother can Always Provide that, Not Yet Atleast.
You see, The Divine Feminine Was taken Out of Our Lives, To Experiment if We Would Survive without it and/or Find a Way Back to it and Guess What? We Freaking did it! WOO! Congratulations Every Master Of Light on Earth, We Did it 🙂 Wait! It’s not Over Yet though, Now We are Starting to Build the New Earth and That is Truly Why You are here, On this Website and On the Earth 🙂  Where Am I going with this, You might say. Well, I Meant to Say that, Our Mothers Might Have Been “Shaped” By their Mothers and Their Mothers by Their Mothers and that Would have Gone on For a Few Thousand Years And Now It’s all on You, Yes, The Weight of All of those Mothers is on You Dear, It’s heavy? I know, Dont Worry, It’s time to Let Go And Live 😀

So You see, Our Mothers Were trying to Be The Best They Could Be, They were trying to fit into a Mold, that We Created, But wait a Minute, I Dont Remember this? Dont Worry, it’s just the Amnesia Program thingy. We as Children and As Beings on Earth are Expecting Our Mothers to Do Everything for Us, When They Might Be still Dealing With some Sort of Abusal and Pain From their “Past” Or Present.

Now this Pain Creates alot of Emotional Baggage if it’s Continuos and Not Released, which the Old Program Was All About, Always telling Us that Not Showing Our Emotions or Feelings is Strength and That You would Be Weak if You did that. Now that’s a Really Old Programming and The New Is on It’s way to Completion, Now, that does not Mean We Might still not have these Old Programmings within Our Subconscious Minds as We Most Likely Do, Which is Why You are Here 🙂

Let Me Share a Few things about How You Can Tell If You Could Use some Healing 🙂

  • First of All, Listen To Yourself, Your Body, Your feelings. Ask Yourself or someone Who Has Been Watching Over Your Progress Your Whole Life 😉    And Just Feel Your Body and See if there’s any Bottled Emotions Stored in there, For Me, I Personally Used to Store Emotions in My Gut Area, Around the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras, As The Old Things were Affecting My Personal Power, Confidence, Overall Joy and Sexuality 🙂 (I Love Sexuality By the way, if You did not know)
  • You find Yourself Having Low Self-Esteem.
  • Always taking from Yourself to Try and Make other People Happy, As if it would Be Your Job.
  • You Have Been Caring too Much for what Other People think of You, Trying to Fit in and Reducing Your Own Power to Be More Likeable for Others, It’s time to Get that Out of the Way. The Perception You have Of Yourself is Far Greater than that Of the Others.
  • When You find Yourself Happy, You Might start to Question Why You are that way and Then Might Try to Stop/Sabotage it.
  • Just Overall Trying to Please Everyone, Just give it Up, You cant Please Everyone, So You Might As Well Please YOURSELF 🙂
  • You Might Also Find Yourself Trying to Block Your Emotions Often

So, What Can We Do to Heal These Things?
Well, Most Importantly, Identifying what Needs to Be Healed/Transformed/Alchemized, Once You Find out that, The Process Starts By Itself. It Will Take It’s Own Time, Not too Long, Not Too Short, Divine Timing.
To Initiate The Full Healing Effect, You must start Going the Exact Opposite Way of How You have been doing things. Just Allow Yourself to Express Your True.. YOU, Your UNIQUENESS. There is no One else Like You, in the Whole of Existence. You have a Unique Energetic Imprint and That Creates Your Unique Physical Blueprint, Which Makes You look totally Different from Everyone, So Embrace Your Youness, Embrace Your Body, Embrace Your Emotions and Feelings And Most Importantly.. Embrace The Bananas, Or Your Weirdness. Well Screw That Let’s Just TAKE BOTH OF THEM. YEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWW!

Good Healing Dear Family Members 🙂
Eat Well, Stay Well and Be You 🙂 NO BUTS, YES BUTTS

Oh and By the Way, AA (Archangel) Raphael Asked Me to Leave His Number and Other Contact Info Here, So       HERE
(The “HERE” Has Been Imprinted with “His” Energies, so Have some Good Time with Him 🙂 <3)

Lots Of Love And FREEEDOM!

-Reino ❤

PS: He’s Right Next to You ;P


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