Freedom, Love

Feeling Unbalanced or a Bit Chaotic Now?

Well Hello again! I have been absent from here for a while, due to some things that needed to Be taken Care of, Such as.. Self! I Went through a Major .. Shift, I could say and So is Everyone else, Truly. The Energies on Earth currently are about Releasing the Old Things that No Longer serve Us and That is what I AM writing here today about and I can sense in My Self that I Feel much more Free from.. Feeling like I Would have to Write something, As I Would have previously Felt, From now on, It will Come Naturally, Whenever and Wherever, or Perhaps all the time 😀

Now, As I mentioned already, the Current Energies We are having are about Releasing the Old stuff, Baggage, Trapped Emotions, all of these kinds of things and Working with these Energies, whether Consciously or Unconsciously, Can and Will Be draining.
Unless, You come Prepared and That is why You are here 🙂 (Unless You just Love to read all of My things, Well still, You would be here because there is something changing within You)
Now, You see, These are Truly exciting times! And It might Be challenging to see that, Although of course, as Everything, Most Possible (and Advisable in this case). I would dare to say, Everyone is manifesting Huge shifts Within Them, No matter if conscious or Not and This shows outside as well, of course. As Within, So Without. So Do not Be alarmed or worried if Everything around You is Crumbling and Old Emotions are.. “Creeping” Up on You, Just Remind Yourself that It is a part of Our work Towards the Great Prize of Conscious Unity on Earth and of course with that, Comes Atlantis again 😀

When The Internal shifts, So does the External

We have this Beautiful Leo New Moon Coming Up on this 23, So in 4 Days from “Now”, in this Space and Time for Me. It will Be All about Great Creative Expressions and Going for things, Fiery and Passionate Emotions, So if You already Have not Cleared Your past things.. Well, You better Gear Up and Start Clearin’ Before We get to that 23 😀
Worry not, If It Feels that It would Take longer than that, These Shifting Energies will Be On Earth for a while still, Of course, Everything is always shifting and Changing, that is Natural, There are just Moments (Like this Month) that Provide You with a Boost for that Change 🙂
What I Am Feeling from Those that Will Be Reading this, I can sense that Some, If not All, Have already Done these Clearings and Destroyed these Old Crumbly Walls and Have Built New ones, or Atleast the Foundation for the New Ones. You Might Be waiting for Some .. Things to Happen (As Am I) And You Might Be Feeling a bit Restless with these things, Because You know You are ready, What I Want to Remind You of this is that, The Other People that Might Be involved, Are Not Ready, or Perhaps They are Waiting for the Energies to Shift as well.  So Patience is required, Even if things would Be Moving Fast as they Are, It takes a Bit Longer For things to Manifest into the Physical World,  Than In Your Mind, Y’know What I Mean? 🙂

My Advice for this Time Period?

As for any Fast and Power-Full Moments In this Beauty-Full Existence of Ours, Staying Grounded is the Key. So Please, Remind Yourself to Take time and Go Outside, Strip Butt-Naked, Or Just take Your shoes off (If You wear those ..Things 😀 ) And Start Stippy-Stomping the Grass with Your Beautiful Feet! That’s one of the ways to Get Grounded and Just Overall Spending time in Nature Gets You Grounded (And High as Tits), Of course, Eating Truly Healthy things is a Way to Ground Yourself, Like, Just things from the Nature, Blueberries, Lettuce, Carrots, Bananas, Mangos, Nuts, Pinecones, Anything You want 🙂
Just Overall Relaxing and Taking it Easy in this Time-Period Is Highly advised and It’s actually Always advised, if You ask Me 😀 I just meant a Bit of Extra to that Which You already Do to make Yourself Relaxed.
Also, Just doings things Like Videogames or Cuddling, Those are Always Great, Especially Great for this Period, They Help You .. Absorb Yourself In the Now and Carry You away From Worries and Useless things like that 🙂

In the End, Everything Will Go Your way, Keep Believing and Knowing that Everything will Go in Your And Others Way (which is Why things take their time, So that everyone Will Be ready To Go Forward)

So to Summarize it, Just take it Easy, Go in Nature and Breathe that Delicious Air Deeply inside of You, Cuddle With.. Anything You want to and If You’re waiting for someone to Cuddle with, Well Dont worry, They’ll Come, They’re propably so Excited To be with You as well 😉  ❤

As Always, Lot’s of Love ❤ And .. Pills that make You chill, Only the Organic ones though, None of that Factory stuff.. Ugh.. Take Care of Yourself and Just Laugh, All is Well, Always 🙂 ❤



PS:I’m not sure about the Pinecones, But We can Try that Out… Call Me! ❤
Yes, You, You know Who You are 😛


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