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Does Life seem Challenging sometimes? Then Read this :)

Is Living on Earth sometimes Challenging to You? Do You Feel Un-Empowered By these Challenges The Universe gave to You? 🙂

Well, I’ve got a solution fo’ Ya!
What could it Be?
Well, First of All, Knowing that Challenges are there for Us to “Grow” and that Everyone Is Growing, No matter if They would Exist in the 3rd or 11th Dimension, They would still Be Learning New things.
Challenge, what exactly is a Challenge?
Something Being Challenging, Means that the Thing, Whatever it is, Is “Trying” The Limitations You have in Your Mind. You see, It is there to show You that, You have No Limitations, Only Your Mind does 🙂

So just Remind Yourself that You are All That Is, There is no separation, You are a Whole Piece of All That Is and It is in Your Nature, to Be Limitless and Abundant 🙂

And Also Know that, There is Bound to Be Challenges Anyway We Go, Because We Chose to Experience these Limitations, Which We are Freeing Ourselves from, Every Moment 🙂

As alot of People have said, Attitude is Everything And I Could not (<— Limiting Talk) Agree More.

Let Us say that You are Starting a New Project, You’re going to start Writing about How Great Nature is and Then You suddenly stop Right at the Beginning, When We have not even Started Yet, You start to think that, “Oh no! I dont know anything about Nature! I only know that Trees have Leaves and Roots, I’m never going to get this done”, How Much is this Attitude Stealing Your Power? 🙂
Let’s throw that Attitude outta here! And Grab Ourselves an Empowering one like, “Oh, This is Amazing, I Am going to Learn so Much More of Nature now that We are starting to do this and Better, I Can Share with others!” See, That was alot more Empowering, now was it not.

So Attitude is Really Kind of Like the Blueprint for Your Creations and Life in General (Which is All About Creating). It is the Base for the Building You are about to Create, which is the Most Important part of the Structure 🙂  We can Just Look at the Pyramids And say Like, Whoah, “We Really did the Base of the Structure Well, Because Now it Supports all of the Weight that is on Top of it”.

Once You Change Your Attitude Towards Challenges and Life, You Will start Cultivating Inner Peace.
Knowing that the Road is Not Always Smooth and Still Going with it and Not Letting it Govern How You Feel 🙂
In Essence, Not Allowing the External to Govern the Internal, This is what is Inner Peace, Come and Get it ❤

So All in All, Change Your Attitude for Challenging situations and see that It’s a Great Learning opportunity and that It Will make You Stronger 🙂
That is Exactly what I Am Doing, Right Now, I have never done this Before and I’m Just Doin’ it, Learning as We Go and Sharing The Learning with You 🙂

And of course All of the “Ancient” Wisdom that I hold 🙂  Now It’s Your turn, Share that Ancient Wisdom of Yours With Us! Dont let anything Hold You back, It’s time To Act and You’re not Allowing to Be Held Back By Anything! It’s Go Time ❤

Lots of Love, Peace, Motivation and Organic Ryebread 😀
I Trust You found this Help-Full


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      1. You are welcome 😊. Your blog is just awesome and inspiring. Please continue blogging and inspire people around you. And if you can please do visit my blog and let me know about it. It would be really helpful 😊. This is the link to my blog


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