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Let’s talk about Change :) What Exactly is Change and How can I work with It ?

What Exactly is Change? Well, It is something that Is Natural to ALL THINGS. It is something Moving on From it’s Current state of BEing, into Another, So, Nothing Really to Be Afraid there now, is there 😀

Why would someone Be afraid of Change?

Well, As always, There could Be any Reason behind this, Although “Generally”, In the Current state of Existance We Reside in, It would Be just Being Comfortable Where They are Currently, They are Afraid of the Unknown as There Could Be anything in there 🙂
Truly, There could Be anything there, So Yes, It could Be something that Would “Harm” Us in some Way and We Would rise Up from this and Then Have More Experience from this and Strength, if that Would Be the Case. Also, It could Be something that You are Highly Passionate About, Something You did not even know existed, Something that You Could Be doing for the Rest of Your Lives, Or atleast During this One 🙂

So as You can See, It really Could Be Anything and It is All about Going out of Your Comfort Zone, Because No Matter Which way You Go and What Happens, It Will Still Serve to Strengthen You in the “End” 🙂
There is no “Easy” Way to It. Getting Out of Your “Comfort” Zone To Expand it Is Surely Challenging and As We Already discussed Last time, Challenges are there to Help You in Your Growth, So Go Out And Explore, Like The Beautiful Explorer You are!

Change is Completely Natural 🙂

Change is Occuring all the Time, In Every Cell of Every Being in the Multiverse, Change is Constant And When You Try To Resist This, Well.. This is When Dis-Eases Form, It is Completely Natural to Go with The Flow of the River of Life and Love 🙂

Let Go of All Fear And Expectation and Just Let Your Feelings Guide You. No Matter Where or at What Moment You are In, You are Always There for a Reason 🙂
Trust In the Process and The Universe and Know that You Will Always Be Safe when You Follow Your Feelings and Your “Calling” 🙂
This “Trust” for the Universe Surely will Be tested and it is Natural as well You see, as You are the Universe, We are the Universe, So in Trusting the Universe, You will Truly Be Trusting Yourself 🙂  So Confidence, My Dear Friends! 😀 Trust that Everything that You are Going through and Have gone Through, Has Been Created By You, The Universe. Which also means that You have the Power To Create Your Reality !

There Is No “Death” in Anything, Energy Cannot Be Destroyed, Only Altered. This is Quite Obvious when You go to Nature and Ask Yourself, Where do You see Death? Exactly. For Example, The Body that Was Left Behind By a Multi-Dimensional Being, Let’s say that it was in A Bird Form, De-Composes And The Energy and Physical Matter (which is Energy as well) Is Absorbed by the Earth, So the Bird, that Was an Extension of All That Is, Is One with the Earth Again and The Energy might be Used By a Tree Now 🙂

Remember that Change is All about Expansion, Expanding Our Being, Evolution, So there is No need to Be afraid of it, Even if it is Unknown 🙂

Also Remember that You Choose Where and How this Change Will Happen and that You can Only Change Yourself and Either Assist or Hinder Others Expansion Progress 🙂
It is Up To You what to do with Your Power, What You Give, You Receive ❤

Now, Go forward and Search all of those Unknown Corners of Existence and Find Yourself 😀

Lots of Love, Letting Go and Peace … And Some Pure 100% Orange Juice ❤

-Reino ❤

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