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Resting – When, Why and How To Rest? :)

Resting! One of My most Favourite activities. Did You know that You can Just have a Rest-Full Lifestyle? Like, Not taking anything Seriously, Having that Inner Peace and Knowing that Everything is Well. Although of Course, Action is Required as well, We need to Put Ourselves Forth, To Be in the Continuous Flow of Abundance.

Once You are in Your Full Strength, You can Much More Easily Assist Others.
“You cannot Serve from an Empty Vessel”

What Exactly is Resting Though?

Well, For Me, the Word “Rest”, is a Shortened Version of “Restoration”, Which Means Returning something to It’s Original State. In this Case, It is either The Body, The Mind, or The Soul, Yes, the Soul can “Wear Out” Too (even if it’s Always connected to Everything and Has Infinite amounts of Energy at It’s Use, At all Times).
There are Many forms for Resting, The Most Well known Ones are Of Course Sleeping (sometimes called resting), Meditating and Anything You can Call Chilling (in other words, relaxing).

Relaxing and Resting are quite the same, Although Not exactly, Since You can Rest without Relaxing and Relax without Resting (Usually They Work together though).

When Should One be Resting?

Truly, Whenever You Feel as if You should 🙂  Usually at the Endings or Beginnings of New Chapters in Life.

Why You Should Be Resting?

Resting has Alot of Benefits to It. Resting is Re-Charging Your Inner Energy Bars 🙂
So Resting will Allow You to Live More, The More Energy You have, The More You can Use. There are Moments in Our Lives When it is Needed to Withdraw and Retreat, to prepare for the Next Steps that are Ahead of Us. Alot of Us are Called To Take some “Time” To Rest at this Moment, We have done alot of Work towards Our Goals and Other Things, So We Just Gotta Let the Universe Do the .. Rest.. Of the Work for Us! 😀

But.. Butt.. How Does One Rest??

Well My Dear, There are As many Ways as You can Imagine. So Really, Think of Something that Makes You feel Really Rested and Calm and Do some of that, Until You Feel as if You have had Enough 🙂  Just go to Nature and Lay on the Grass for the Whole Day, Go and Sit on the Beach, or Just Float on the Water, Read a Book With some Sexy Music, Drink a Refreshing Banana, Mango, Orange and Apple Smoothie, Anything that Feels Restful to You, Will Work 🙂  Even Videogames Do it!

One of the most Effective ways to Rest, is to just Do Nothing. Just drop Everything and Lay down Until You Feel Like Being Play-Full again 🙂

Now whatever You will Do, Just take it Easy, Nothing is as Serious as it Might seem. No, Not even the Fact that You put Cucumber in Your Smoothie. I do that too..  Dont worry about it.

I Am going to rest now as well, Goodbye World, See You tomorrow.

Lot’s of Love, Rest, Relaxation and .. Toilet paper I suppose, if You use that sort of thing..
Best Wishes ❤

-Reino-Matti 🙂

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