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How To Accept Your Body? Let’s Find Out!

Welcome! I Hope You Know You are Doing Well, Because I Know You are 🙂 If You are Feeling a Bit Off Dont worry about it, You are In the Right Place, This is My Promise ❤

So, You want to Accept and Love Your Body Unconditionally, Yes? Of Course! 😀
Let’s get into it!

First of All, How Do You Feel about Your Body? How Do You see Your Body? Do You Care for it like it’s all You’ve got? Or Do You sometimes Work against it? Would You want to Change something about it? Are You ashamed of It?

If there sometimes is a Voice saying something about How You Look and What it is saying, Is Not Loving, Then this is what You do!
No matter where You go in and What You do In “Life”, Making Peace with Yourself is One of the Most important things to do. This will Help You in all Aspects of Your Life.
It is, Stopping the warring inside of You, It is Merging Both sides of You, Back Into a Whole! 😀  This will Already get You so Far!

When You have done that, You might still occasionally Get a Judging voice within Your mind, What You must then do, is to Check if You are afraid of something. For Example, If something Is saying to You that You Look “Fat”, there could Very Well Be a Fear of Being “Fat”, Within Your Mind. You may start Checking for these Fears By simply Looking at Your His-Story and Trying to find People who You know, That have “Engrained” This Fear into You. Our Society was Pretty Good at doing this to Us as well, Engraining Useless things in Our Minds, Dont worry about that though, Because We Agreed for this to Happen 😉
In Our Society that We Created, We Chose to Fear this .. “Fat” Body-State and Then Fed Us Things that Made Us that way, To generate as much Fear as Possible, Of course (To Test if We Could rise from this)  And Now it is Moment to Rise Up From this and Shed these Old and Dusty and Useless Fears, that No Longer Serve Us. So Know that The Body That You Have been Given, To Walk on Gaia, Is Your Temple and No One Elses and that It Matters not What Others Think of It, as the Perception You have of Yourself, Is Much Greater than the one that others have of You 🙂


Now Confidence, Is a Simple thing, As is any, If You will it so. Confidence, Is something You wish to have for This Challenge as well 🙂
Confidence will Help You, No matter what You are doing, Stay Noble and Humble And Confident, Knowing that Under all of these Layers and Labels, You are An Infinite Being, A Multi-Dimensional Being 🙂
Use Confidence and “Positive”/Loving Self-Talk to Raise You up From this, It will Take it’s Own Time, It could take an Hour, or it could take A Week, You Will Rise from this though, No matter what, Nothing can Keep You down, as YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE.

A Few Things to Make Sure You are doing 🙂

  • As I Already Mentioned, Loving Self-Talk is the Key, As well as of course Your Focus and Intention 🙂
  • Truly taking care of Your Body, Bonding with Your Body, Your Temple.
  • Listening To what It Needs.
  • It wants Your Attention and Love And We Know You Want to Give that to It 🙂
  • Live as Naturally As You can.
  • Take Care with what You Put in it, What You Eat and Drink plays a Large Role in Your Well-Being, You are What You Eat. What if You dont Eat? Well, that’s a story for another time 😀  Yes, You can “Survive” With Only Air, Breatharians, I’m Aiming for that, See You in the Mountains in a Few Years 🙂

Just get to know Your Body, Do some Exercise, Nothing too heavy though, unless You want to. More Lighter Things like, Yoga/Stretching, Walking, Swimming .. Jumping All Over the place 😀  You know, anything that makes You Feel good and Bonds You and Your Body 🙂   Find an Exercise that You are Passionate towards and Just do that As much as You wanna 😀  And If You do not know any thing that Might Be interesting, Well, Go Out and Try New Things, Like Skating! ❤

Surround Yourself with the Right People, No matter where You are, Have the Courage to Make New and Loving Friends, Who Accept You, no matter How You are 🙂   The Real Friends are there for You in the Rough times as Well, They’ve seen You Toiling and Roiling and Now that You are here in Your Peak moment, They’re still there! Always supporting You 🙂

Something else that You must know is that, the Pictures on the Magazines, Social Media and etc.  Let’s just say that Photoshop is not hard to use 😀  Dont Compare Yourself To Someone Else! Because There are 7.4 Billion Unique Bodies On Earth and You have one too! No one else Looks the Same as You do, No one else has Gone through what You have gone Through, Yes there are Similarities and People who Change their DNA To Look and Be Like someone else, but in the End, No one Else Can Be You. So take Responsibility for Your Actions, Your Thoughts and Your Words as All of those, Create Your Reality 🙂
There is as many Realities on Earth, as there is Unique Bodies. Start Creating Your Own Reality, Consciously. Listen To Your Feelings, Follow Your Heart and You Will get there 🙂 This is My Promise to You And If there’s Challenges and You need To talk with someone, Come and See Me 🙂 Or just Email Me, You dont need to come to My door, Although, You can, It is as Open for You as is My Heart ❤

And Let Me remind You that There are alot of Beings watching Us and Ready To Help Us with Anything We Ask, Angels, “Ascended” Masters, Dragons, Unicorns, Elementals And those Who Are in their Ships Just Slightly Above Our Atmosphere.

I Trust You found this Help-Full and I Hope You Enjoy the Process Of Healing the Bond with Your Temple 🙂

-The Body is the Subconscious Mind, So perhaps You are not Accepting some part of Yourself? 🙂

-This Body is the Only One You have now, So take Good Care of it 🙂

-Also, Other People are Mirroring You, So pay attention When You see someone and Try to see if there is something You do not Like about them, This will Be something that You do not accept In Yourself 🙂

Lots of Love, Tickles, Heals, Nipples and Some more Love

-Reino-Matti ❤

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