What You need to Know about Meat and Dairy :)

Well Met and Welcome to This Article, Where We will Be taking a look at One of the Most Important Aspects of Our Lives, Food 🙂

Now, Lately there has Been a Lot Of Focus on Our Food and What We put in Our Bodies, Which is Great, Because it’s the Time for this to Change 🙂 As We continue to Become More Aware of .. Everything, That What’s Up with the World and That Everything is Energy et cetera 🙂

So here, I Was Called to Write about this, to Inspire and Motivate All of You Beautiful People, To start Being More Loving to You and Our Animal Friends 😀

So First off, Let’s talk about Meat. Now this is For Every sort of Meat, From a Cow, Chicken, Fish, From any of Our Friends.

The Body is A Vehicle, an Extension of Our Being and It Absorbs Our Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions and So, When A Being Is Feeling Fearful, Knowing that It’s Body is Going to Be .. Well, Quite Truthfully Butchered into Pieces and Skinned Alive, You can Imagine what Kind of Feelings that Create. All of those Fears are Absorbed into the Produce that People Consume and When You put this into Your Body, All of that Fear and All of that Karma, Get’s Transferred into Your Being.
Now Let’s talk about Why You should avoid dairy products as well, Such as Milk, Cheese and Yogurts 🙂

Dairy. Now, You might Be wondering, What do They do to these Cows? Why is Dairy Not Healthy for Your Being?

Cow’s Milk. Why do Our Bodies produce Milk? Our Bodies Create this Milk, as we Call it, To Feed our Babies, When They are not Yet Able to Feed themselves 🙂  Did You know that the We are the Only “Species” That Drinks another Species Milk? Yep. Why? Because that is what We have been Taught to do 🙂  Dont worry about it, We’ll Rise from this ❤
Did You know that All Dis-ease in the Body, Forms From Mucus. It forms a Breeding Ground for Un-Healthy Bacteria and Blocks The Healthy Ones.
Naturally, All of Our Bodies have Mucus in them, it Protects us from Unwanted Bacteria, This is a different thing though, as This is Something that is Naturally in OUR Bodies and Not from another Species Body, That has a completely Different System 🙂

Then The other Side of it. How These Companies Treat our Dear Cow Friends. Now there are Some who let their Cows Go Run Free and Eat as Much as they Feel like and That’s Great and Beautiful To see Them Running around Happily 🙂
And then there’s the Other Ones, Where the Cow’s are Kept in Dark Rooms and Machines Keep Pumping their Milk Regularly, Where They Get not too Much rest, Thankfully atleast a Bit 🙂

So ask Yourself, What do You want to Promote in Life? Do You want to Support Our Animal Friends and Your Personal Health? Or Do You want to work Against it?

I have Been a Vegan for about 3 “Years” Now and I can only say that Holy Tits Am I Grateful that I chose to go this Way, It has Helped me Immensely with Self-Acceptance and Love and Just Overall Joy 😀  You are What You Eat. Above All, You are a Multi-Dimensional Being. Thank You Ralph Smart, Check Him Out, He Helped Me Alot with Changing My Plate, Which I did Instantly, After I Checked one of His Videos. I still Remember Running Up to My Mother and Saying, “What’s this Food? I’m not Eating Any Meat or things Like that Anymore” And Now, After a while of it Having Been on Her Mind, She chose to Do the Same thing. So as You can See, it will also Inspire others to Choose a More Healthy and Conscious Lifestyle 🙂

Now, reading all of This Does not mean You have to Go Exactly “Vegan” (which is just a Tag/Title/Label), There’s alot of Things to choose From, Highly suggest it to Everyone though. To Me, the Decising factor was the Fact that My.. “Guides” Wanted Me to know that Having a Plant-based Diet would Give You alot More Energy and To Raise My Vibration and After that, I was Sold 🙂

Thank You For reading Dear Friend ❤ I Hope You Enjoy Your Day, It’s Your Decision to make 🙂

Lot’s of Love and Courage to Make The Necessary Changes for You to Start Living Your Dreams!



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