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5 Things to Do Every single Day, To make You Smile More often :)

Welcome! I Hope and Know, That You will Find this Reading Pleasant and Inspiring 🙂

So You want to See Yourself Smiling More often in Life? 🙂 That’s Great! It shows that You really Care for Yourself, You see.
Do You find it sometimes Challenging to Smile? Well, Worry not, I AM here to Tell You how You can Start Catching Yourself doing it More often

Let’s start off with some Deep Wisdom 🙂

  1. Not Worrying about anything 🙂
    This is one of the Simplest and Most Effective things that You can do For Yourself, in this Existence. To Not Care what is Going in the World or about any “Drama” In Your Family, Just Letting Go of All that, Transcending all of that. Knowing that Everything is Well in the World, No Matter what Happens, Because Everything Happens for a Reason and Everyone is Learning how to Create a Better Existence for All of Us 🙂
    In Our Cultures that Have Gone By (in the Linear Timeline), We All knew that The Universe Does not Deal in “Accidents” Or Co-Incidences. We Knew that Everything has Been Created By Us and If something was not Too Loving, We Would seek to Transform this, Find Out what there was to Learn From the Fears 🙂
  2. Getting Your Butt Into Nature 😀
    Now Nature is One Of the Most Important things in My Universe (that I AM Consciously Creating), Why is that So? Because Nature Helps Us Get into Our Alpha Brainwave state, To Relax Our Body and Mind and Just Heal Overall. If You just would set One Naked Foot On The Grass, You Would instantaneously Feel more Calmer 🙂
    When We go to Nature, We Remind Ourselves What We are and Who We Are, We Re-Connect to that Oneness, The Universal Unity, We Know Our Place in the Existence. Also to Mention how Beautiful it is, Once You Open Your Eyes and Other Senses 😀  Sometimes I Go in to Nature, When I Have not Meditated in a while and I’m Like… Where Did all the Colours Go?! And then I just lay on the Grass, Almost Naked for a Few Minutes and When I Open My eyes, It’s a Whole Other World 😀
  3. Loving All Sides of You ❤
    Now this Might Be a Challenging One To Some Individuals, Although In the End, Definetely Worth it. One, if Not the Most Important thing In Life is Self-Acceptance.
    You can Be Your Best Friend, Or Your Worst Enemy. The Decision is Your Own 🙂
    This is Combining the 2 Sides of You, into a Whole. The Yin and The Yang. Light and Darkness. There can Only Be Light, When there is Dark. There Can Only Be Dark, When there is Light 🙂  Just Know that, There is No Good or Bad, in the Universe, Only Expansion and Change 🙂  So Shed Some Love on Your Fears and Find Out Why they are there and Understand Yourself 🙂
    Seconds last, Though Not Second Least
  4. Releasing Expectations 🙂
    Sometimes When in the Process of Creation, We Might Feel stuck or like things are Not Working out. When Feeling like this, Just Remind Yourself that There is always Change Happening Behind the Scenes and What You Put Out, is What You Receive 🙂 Intention is Key, When Creating! 🙂 When You are Manifesting something, (Which is Happening constantly) Remember that The Universe (Us) Works in Wondrous And Surprising Ways and If We want Something to Happen a Certain way, Even if The Universe Would See a Better and More Loving Way, it Would Start Creating this thing Your Way, Which might take Longer and Might Turn Out a bit Differently, Put Alot of Weight on the “Might”, as You are All Power-Full Beings and Know The Best For Yourself, Sometimes Our Limiting Beliefs might not Allow Us to see A way that Would be Better. So Just Let the Universe Do it’s thing, Trust Yourself and You already Trust the Universe 🙂

    And now, the Moment You have been waiting for .. (Drum Roll)

  5. It’s Numba 5!  And it is about Letting Go of a Want/Need to Control 🙂
    The Want and Need to Control things, Comes from A Place of Fear, whereas Acceptance, Comes from a Place of Love.
    Know this .. The Only thing You Control, Is You. You may Control Others, Yes, As there are No Limitations to What You can Do, although I Do not Suggest Trying that, As it is Very Energy Consuming and Much More Enjoyable when You Allow Things To be the Way They are. Now, Of course, Change Must Be Made, Yes, Although this Change Is Pointing Within You, Change The World Within and You Change the World that is Outside of You 🙂  Again, Trust that Everything Will Happen, as Is Meant to Happen, We are Here to Enjoy, Create, Learn, Teach and Just Have Fun For Freaks sake 😀

Now, Just Remember, You have a “Free-Will”, You may Choose to do whatever You want, However You want, Just Go Out and Kick some Ass and By that I mean, Just Enjoy Life to the Fullest, You have THE POWER To Make Every Moment Enjoyable, You Can Change How You see things and When YOU DO, You’ll Be Flying! 😀  See You In the Skies Dear “Children” 😛

Lot’s of Love, Peace, Freedom, Smiles and Sunshine 🙂    .. And Bananas

-Reino-Matti ❤

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