Freedom, Inspiration, Motivation

How to Be Limitless :) 

Welcome to Our Humble .. Yet Noble and Proud Article! 🙂  And Confident, of course!

At this moment, I would Like to discuss about Limitations and more Specifically, how to Get them out of the Way of Your Infinity 🙂 

So let’s start off with a basic, What is a Limitation? A Limit is a restraint, a “block” in some cases. Limitation is caused By Our Minds, You see, We are Naturally Infinite and Abundant and have Everything Within Us, so there is no lack (which causes Fear). As Multi-Dimensional Beings, We have the Power to Create ANYTHING We want! There is no Limitations on Us, only in Our Perceptions 🙂  We are Limitless and Our Minds have been programmed to say that there are Limits and We cant do this or that and that has to Be done that exact way. That is .. Not at All True 😀  We, Every single One of Us are, By Our Nature, Un-Limited and Infinitely Abundant. 

If I Were to say that.. I Am going to Uplift and Assist Hundreds of Thousands of People, would You believe Me? 🙂  I Believe in Myself and I Bend the rules that do not exist, anyone can do it, first, You have to know that The Universe can do anything It puts It’s Focus and Intention on to and You have to know… that You are The Universe .. Limitless, Infinite BEing. You are Everything, You are Everywhere, Everything is Connected, We are All One. 

So when someone, Be it You or Your Friend, says that You can not do something, Remind Yourself that.. There are no Limits In this Magical Multiverse, You have no Limits, Only Your Mind does. Now Go and do ANYTHIIIIING that You wanna, because You certainly can! 

Be Courageous, Get Motivated, You got some Work to do and Places to Go, See You in the Jungles of Africa or on The Beach!  Enjoy Your Life and Dare to Create the Life of Your Dreams 🙂 ❤


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