Self-Expression and How it Will Change Your Life :)

Peace-Full Moment, Everyone 🙂  Thank You for Coming here with Us at this Moment. I Will Let You know that You are in the Right Place, at the Right Moment, As always 🙂

So, You have come here to Learn of Self-Expression, Or Perhaps just to Read My Articles, Hmm? 😀  Well, Let Us get into it.

What Does the Word Expression Mean Exactly? It Means, For Me .. Showing How You Feel, Being In Tune with Your Feelings and Emotions and You can Of course Choose to do this Either in a Healthy or a Un-Healthy way 🙂

Expressing Yourself Allows You to start Accepting and Loving Yourself More, To start Bonding with Yourself and It Might Even Help You find New Passions that You might have not Thought of Before.

A Few Great ways to Express Yourself is to ..

  • The Good Old Painting, Colouring, Drawing etc. As these allow You to Either Show All the Colours and Sides of Yourself or To Create Abstract and Sacred Geometric shapes that Calm Your Being and are Just Pleasant to Create 🙂
  • Writing a Good Ass Story! Yep, that’s right, You can Create as many Different Characters and Scenarios as You wish and Can Decide to Do anything to them. A Truly Effective way to Express Your Different Sides and Feelings 🙂
  • Shaking Your Butt!  Well, More Like Moving Your Body in All sorts of Different Ways, You can Call it Dancing and it’s okay to Create Your Own Moves and Listen to What Things You would want to do 🙂
  • Just Truly, Anything You feel Called to. Anything that is Creative, is Expressive and We are Constantly Creating Our Own Reality, so Truly, We are Expressing Ourselves all the time 🙂   .. Psst! Singing is Great as well 😛

Some of Us might sometimes Feel Suppressed and These are Moments where there is a Need to Express One’s Feelings and Of course, We Would want to do this the Healthy way 🙂   You see, The Feeling of Being Suppressed, comes from a Lack of Expressing. When You are Being Suppressed, By .. Whether Yourself, or Someone That is With You, You have to Re-Mind Yourself, that It’s Truly Important to Not Bottle Your Emotions, Instead start Expressing them, Even if in a Non-Loving way, It is still Better than Storing them Within and Trying to Hide them 🙂  As You will start to Gain Confidence as well, when You start showing Your Feelings.

Now, What Truly Inspired Me to Write this Whole article, was the Fact that, I, Personally, Just Overcame My Non-Loving Relationship with My Body. You see, I Realized that It was All About How I Feel, Rather than How You Look, Of course, Both are Important, Though We Must First attend the Feelings and After that .. Well, We automatically Become Beautiful 😀   What I Had to Learn Here was that, I needed to Express Myself. How I Feel and What I want to Do, as An Infinite Creator, It’s Most Important to Follow Your Own Guidance system, as No One else Knows You as Well as You do 🙂

Now that I have Realized, Or Re-Minded, To Listen to My Feelings at All Costs, I of Course, Naturally Bond with My Feelings, My Body and My Mind and Now .. I Can Start Creating the Full Expression of My Love, Into This Beautiful World.

How You Feel, What You Think and What You Do All Work together to Manifest Your Reality. Your Thoughts Create Your Feelings and Then You Act on How You Feel. From this, You can see it is Important to Focus (think) Of what Serves You, Although, Do Not Label Your Thoughts, as they Are just thoughts, They’re not Good or Bad, Positive or Negative, They are Simply Mirrorings or Memories From Your past Experiences, that Have been stored into Your Subconscious Mind.
What does Any of this have to Do with Self-Expression? Well, I AM Expressing Myself constantly 😀
Truly though, Start Being Aware of How You Express Yourself, If You Do. More Importantly, Start Expressing Yourself, The Judgement of Others Is simply How They Perceive You, From their Own Perception and How You See Yourself, is Far More Power-Full and Greater Than How Others See You 🙂

Do what You Love, Love what You do, Stay Expressive and Joyful Dear Ones 🙂

PS: It’s all about Expressing Yourself Authentically, No matter what the Situation, So Enjoy those Challenges that Might Be there for You 🙂

-Reino Matti ❤

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