4 Tricks to Feel more Full When Eating :)

Do You sometimes Feel Hungry, Eventhough You just ate a Whole Chocolate Cake? (“Vegan” Of course) Do You Feel like You could Eat Less, though You are not sure how to Do it? Well, Guess what, You came to the Right Place at the Right Moment again Friend 🙂

Here is, A Few Tricks or Hacks to Play on Yourself to Feel Less Hungry after You have Eaten, To Feel Like You Just ate Exactly Enough, Not too Full, Not too Empty, But Balanced. 🙂  These Work Especially Well if You Eat more Lightly ❤

  1. Eating Your Food from a Smaller Plate.
    Now You might Be wondering, “Dear Reino, How will this Ever help Me With Feeling more Filled, after I have Eaten My .. (Insert the Food You eat, here)”
    Well, You see Dear One, Using a Smaller Plate or a Bowl, Tricks Your mind into thinking that You have already Eaten so much! When You have finished Eating from that plate, Your mind will think like.. “Oh! We Ate that whole plate full of food, Now We dont have to eat in a while”. Clever, Yes? Yep 🙂
  2. Chew Your food 🙂
    Now You might Be thinking.. “But.. but.. I Chew My Food!” No You dont 😀  (Unless You do, Claps to You)  You see, Some of Us Tend to Forget that We are even Eating when We Are Eating. It’s Important to Focus on Your Eating, Why? Because That means You Are Aware of How that Food makes You Feel, How it tastes and How well You have Chewed it. You are Supposed to Chew Your food until it has no Lumps or Humps (some foods might leave small lumps behind, dont worry though), The Digestion starts in Our Mouths and if You dont chew it, Then Your Intestines are going to have to work alot harder to Break it Down. So this is a good way to Save Energy (eventhough We have Infinite amounts of it at Our use) And also a good way to Stay or Get in to the Present Moment 🙂
  3. Eating to Live, Choosing the Foods that Make You Feel Great 🙂
    How We eat and What We eat is an Important part of Our Lives and When You are Putting the Right Foods in Your Temple, Your Body, It’s going to start Shining Baby!
    You are Naturally Going to Feel more Light, if Eating foods that Contain More Light and This Really Helps us Feel More Vitalized and More .. Everything Truly!
    How will this make You Feel More Filled when Eating though? Well, Your Body Will Understand that You Have It’s Best Interests in Mind and This will Strengthen The Bond Between You, Your Body and Your Mind, Which Will Eliminate Stress and Anxiety, Which Is A Big reason Why We Feel Hungry 🙂
  4. Taking it Slow
    This ties Directly with Number 2. Although it is still Important, as sometimes You might Find Yourself Chewing Your food at a Fast Rate.
    You Realize that there is no Hurry in Life, so You Start Eating at a Slower Rate as well 🙂   This will Help in Filling Up Your stomach more .. Naturally. Sometimes When We find Ourselves Eating at a Fast Rate, It Might Feel Exhilarating at First, Because We are Immersing Ourselves in the Food and the Taste, Though, It’s all About the Long Run, It’s about How You Will Feel after It’s all Said and Done, Eating Fast can Make Us Feel too Filled and Then We just start Feeling Uncomfortable.
    When You eat Slow though, You can start Feeling How Full Your stomach is and Then You can Decide if You should take another Bite or Not, or a Drink, or However You are Eating at that Moment 🙂

There it is, If You Have Other ways to Feel more Filled or less Hungry after Eating, Feel Free to Share! 🙂
Thank You All for coming Here. Now Let’s Go on and Enjoy Our Day ❤

-Reino-Matti ❤

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