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Living from Your Heart <3

Living From the Heart, Moving Out of Our Mind and Into Our Heartspace, Losing Your Mind and Coming to Your Senses and So many Others.

Thank You for Coming here to Learn More about You, as that is what Life is About, atleast one of the Things, Expansion, Evolution, Change πŸ™‚

Living from Your Heartspace, What does this Mean, You might ask.

It Means .. Living in the Present Moment, It means .. Enjoying Every single Moment, No Matter how You Feel, just Accepting It and If it’s something that You do not want, Then Change Your Programming πŸ™‚

When You Live From Your Heart, You Really Just.. Show Yourself Fully! You Express Yourself without the Contraptions and All Sorts of Traps in Your Mind, You Are. I AM.
You Feel at Peace with Everything, Knowing that All Is Well and that Everything happens For a reason and You Embrace this Whole-Heartedly .. Ha Ha!

Living From Your Heart Requires Courage and Strength, Which We All Have Within Us!
It is not something that Everyone Does, Atleast not When I Am Writing This, So You gotta be the Odd One, You have to Accept and Love Yourself Fully, To Be Able to Do this Naturally πŸ™‚ Otherwise the Mind Might Come and Clutter Your Beautiful Moment, Which is Life, A Whole Single Moment that We have to Feel.

We “Can’t” think Life, We Have to Feel It.Β  We can do Anything Though, So Remember that πŸ™‚

Now, How Exactly Do You Live From Your Heart?

Just By Listening to Your Feelings and Expressing them. This is How You can Constantly Be Focusing on How You Feel and Your Emotional Well-Being, Which Attracts More of it and Also Promotes Physical Well-Being πŸ™‚
It is All About .. I AM. Just BE-IngΒ  Instead of Do-Ing , Some of Us are You see .. Infinite Do-Ings and Some of Us are Infinite Be-Ings, It is All about Being πŸ™‚Β  You Will Find that You are Everything, Everything is Connected and that You can Really Do Anything and .. Be Anything You have a Desire to Be πŸ™‚
Desire (Passion) is the Fuel for Creation πŸ™‚

Meditating is also A Great Way to Connect With Your True Essence, of course, there are alot of Different Ways and Meanings for Meditation, Most Importantly, Simply Following Your Passion, Your Heart’s Desire, Your Desire And You Will Be Well off πŸ˜€ And I AM Proof of this πŸ™‚Β  I AM Following My True Passion, My Calling/s And I Do All of This While Being “My-Self” (Truly Be-ing Everything, Like You), I Care not What Others Think of I, As I AM Living for Myself, Not For Them.

So there You have It, I Truly Hope You Enjoyed Reading as Much as I Did Writing and Sharing πŸ™‚Β  I Trust it was Help-Full to You All.

Start Living my Dear Family Members ❀  Embrace Everything as It is, Though Be the Change, If Needed. Infinite Love and Gratitude πŸ™‚Β  … and Bananas .. Mmmm.. Gratefulness For Bananas..

Stay Humorous My Maaan! Or My Womaaan! (If You Use those Labels) (If not, then, My Infinite Energy Friendy!)

-Reino-Matti πŸ˜€

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