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The Beauty Of Living From Your Heart :)

So I just wrote about Living From Your Heart, Not Going too In-Depth about any Special Thing, Well Here, I will Be talking about The Things that Will Happen, Once You start Living From Your Heart and Taking Responsibility For Where You are in Your Life, How You Feel, How and What You Think and What You Do .

Once You start Living From Your Heart, Instead of the Mind that Might sometimes Be Critisizing, Unless You have Let Go of that, The Mind that Chatters all the Time and Thinks of This and That, these and Those, You Will see that All of that Will Simply Be gone, You Will find that Peace of Mind, Where You, Your Body and Your Mind all Work in Harmony. That is “True” Beauty Right There 🙂

Many of Us are and Were Programmed with Living From their Minds and In Our Days of Old, The Days of Ancient Egypt and Meso-America and Others, We Still Remembered To Live from Our Hearts Instead of Our Minds, As Once We Are Constantly Thinking, We Start to Lose this Harmony Between Our Emotions, Thoughts and Actions 🙂

Once You start Living From Your Heart, Your Whole World will Transform.

You will start Seeing the Beauty and Love In Everything and That Will Attract Even More of this to You. Living From Your Heart is required of You, If You wish to Live In Infinite Abundance, Which is Your Natural Beingright (Instead of “Birthright” 😀 ) , As You are Infinitely Worthy and Deserving of This Abundance, Once You start Living From Your Heart, You Will Just Know it and Be all About it 🙂

Once You Start Living From Your Heart, Your Whole Subconscious Mind Will Be Re-programmed to Attract All that You Truly Desire, It Will Break All of the Subconscious Blocks and Limiting Beliefs that You Might Have, Which In Turn, Will Allow You To Express Your Infinite Potential in Any Way YOU Desire!

Your Whole Life Will turn into More Simple (“Easier”), More Enjoyable, More Happy, More Loving, More Magnificent and Simply Just SO BEAUTIFUL! 😀
You Will find Yourself to Be at Peace with Everything, Because You just know Everything is Well 🙂

And No, You do not Have to (Though You can) , Turn into a Monk or Live in a Tree Trunk with No Physical Food or Water. By the way, Living in a Tree Trunk sounds Lovely .. Oh! We just woke up in a Tree Trunk, How Lovely! 😀  (Because We can Manifest Anything, Almost, If not Instantly, When We Live From Our Hearts)

You can Live From Your Heart By just .. Being You 🙂  Just Connect With Your Heart Through .. Anyway You Feel Like.

Imagine, Having the Most Wonder-Full Life You have Eeeeever Dreamed of .. and all You have to Do is To Be Yourself 🙂 That Can’t Be Hard Right? Well it’s Challenging, But No One Ever Learned in their Comfort Zones, So Start Creating What You Truly want in Your Life! Be The Change You want to See! Share Yourself With the Universe, Without Feeling Guilty or Ashamed! You Are Worthy of Happiness, You Deserve Love 🙂 ❤


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