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A Little Something YOU Need to Know about You :)

Welcome Welcome! Gather Around the Fireplace, I have a Story to Tell You πŸ™‚

A Long Long time ago, There was this Place called Khemet .. This Land was Filled with Sand and Luscious Fields Full of Vegetation, Oh and let Us not forget about the River, The Nile that Provided the Waters of Life to the Population of This Land.

Once, there was a King, A Ruler of the Land, A Beacon for the People. He Saw Himself Equally Worthy with All Life, The Merchants, The Workers, The Priests, The Sun, The Moon , The Scorpions, Even the Rice that they Grew.
The People Traded Praises and Love With Each other, as They Knew They Were All from the Same Source, They Were all Equally Infinite and Capable of Doing Anything They Desired.Β  They also knew to .. Not Only Follow their Heart, But to Be Their Heart. Rather, They Knew to Be Themselves and Knew that this Was Key in Living an Infinitely Abundant Life.

They Knew that They were not Their Mind, They Were not Their Bodies, or their Feelings Nor Their Heart.Β  They Knew that They are Infinite. They Knew that They are Everything and This Body is a Vessel, a Vehicle that Was There to House Their True BEing and That the Mind Would Serve as a Catalyst for Experiencing The Things that They Wanted to Experience on Earth.

This was How We Lived in Khemet, This Was How We Lived in Atlantis, This Was How We Lived in LeMuria, This Will Be, How We Live Today, Because You are Infinite. You can not Be A Label, A Title, A Tag, Your Name, Your Work or Your Nationality. All of those are what the Mind Identifies with, Not You. The Mind Contains the “Picture” of Self, Though it is Not the Self, You, The Real You is In Your Body’s Heart-Space.

And to Me, Truly, There is No “Higher” Self. You are Your Higher Self. Saying that You would not Be Your Higher Self, Would Cause Separation, Which is the Greatest Illusion that We All chose to Accept πŸ™‚Β  Which Truly Lives in the Mind. Once You Get out of Your Mind and Move into Your Heart, You Now Access the Infinite Reality, Where All of Your Wildest Dreams .. Be Come Reality.

Have an Abundant Day My Dears, Remind Yourself what You are. Infinite Energy. Multi-Dimensional Being. All That Is πŸ™‚

-Horus/HeruΒ  (Truly that’s just a Name, It is not What I Am)

Work In Harmony With Your Body and Mind, Not Against Them πŸ™‚

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