Chakras, What are They and What do They do? :)

Welcome to My Humble Abode! Though It Can Sometimes Be Very Noble as Well..

Today, I Have Decided to Share Some Basic Information about the Chakras. All the 12 Ascension Chakras will Be Gone through, Before that though, We Shall Go through the Basic 7 That Most of Us Might Know More About. So without Further A Do, Let’s Get into the Meaty part .. Although I dont want anything to Do with Meat, So rather a Fruity part.

What Exactly are the Chakras?

The Chakras are quite Simply, Spinning Circles of Energy. Now Generally, Our Societies sometimes See all of the Chakras as Being Circular, Though Those with Enough Vision or Insight, Might Know that They have a Specific Shape, Depending on where The Being Is on Their Journey 🙂
Each Chakra, As Truly Everything, Holds a Specific Vibration Within Them and The Level of this Vibration is Dependant on, Yet Again, Where this Person/Being is on Their Personal Journey, What They Do, What They Eat, What They Think, What kinds of Energies are They Surrounded By Daily and Everything Else 🙂

As Each Chakra has A Specific Purpose and Vibration, As Do We, They Each shine Their Unique and Different Colour 🙂

  • First off, in the 7 Basic Chakras, is The Root Chakra and It’s Colour is Red.
    The Root Chakra Forms the Base of Our Being and so is Located in the Base of the Spine. As the Base for Our Existence, It Governs the Areas of Survivability, Trust and Stability. If a Temple is Built on Solid Ground and The Foundation is Strong, It Will Last as Long as It Needs To 🙂
  • Then The Second One, I would Say My “Favourite”. The Sacral Chakra.
    The Sacral Chakra Boasts an Incredible Orange Hue if Taken Care of Well and it is the Center of Our Creativity, Sexuality, Pleasure and Overall Joy 🙂 As a Center of the Creative Expression, It is all about the “New” and Governs How You Feel about New Things and People. It is Located Between Your Navel(if You have One) and Your Genital Area (if You have Two)
  • Thirrrd! The Solar Plexus. So what’s This all about then? This is All about Your Confidence Dear. Oh, I see! How’s Your Confidence? Is it Low? Is it High as the Mountains and I ? The Solar Plexus, as By the Name You can tell, Is All about Radiance! It’s about Us Taking Control of Our Lives, Getting into Radical Action, or just Action if You’re Boring 😀 (Psst! It’s a Joke). It’s all About how You see Yourself, Your Self-Worth, Self-Acceptance(Self-Love) and Self-Respect. So You can Tell, It’s the Center of Our Personal Power, It’s the Sun Baby! We have Our Own Sun .. Can You Believe it.. It’s Located Slightly Above Your Navel, Right about Where Your Physical Chest Area starts and It’s Colour Is a Bright Yellow, Like the Sun 🙂
  • Number 4 Babes.. What is it?! It is .. The .. HEART CHAKRA. Self-Explanatory? I’ll still Let You know ’bout it 😀  IT is, The Center of Love and Compassion. It’s All About Love and Acceptance, Towards Yourself and Others, It is the Emotional Center. It is .. The Seat of The Soul. It is .. Where You, The Real You, Yes You, The Infinite Being You is Located in. This is Your Throne Baby! It’s Your Temple Afterall 🙂  The Heart Chakra is Located in .. The Center of Your Chest, Where Your Heart Is and Generally It tends to Be Larger than the Others, Again though, Depending on The Being We are Talking of 🙂
    You have a Large Heart Chakra, My Dear! “Aww, Thank You! I’ve always thought that My Chest area was quite Large ^_^ ” O.O .. So Uhh.. Where exactly Do You Live? 😀     (Playfullness 101, Free of Charge for You)   The Colour of the Heart Chakra is Green 🙂
  • Time for the Fifth and It’s the Throat Chakra!
    The Throat is All about Self-Expression and Will, Which makes it Another Chakra that Is about Creation, What You are Able to Put Out And It also Governs Communication! 🙂
    The Throat Chakra is In the Center of Your Throat, Just so You know and It’s Colour is A Sky Blue. When Your Throat Chakra is All Well and Good, You will Be Speaking Your Truths Left and Right and Manifesting Whatever You want to!
  • Next up is the Third-Eye Baby! 🙂 This Multifunctional Center of Energy Governs Your Ability to See the Big Picture, To Understand “Higher” Concepts and Truths, To See through Lies and Illusions. It is All About the Non-Physical, Being Aware, It is the Gateway to the “HigherThanThe3rd” Dimensions. Without Your 3rd Eye Open, You could Not Really see What is Happening on the Planet Truly 🙂 It Allows You to Tap into Your Intuition, Which is You Hearing Yourself Through the Cloudings of the Mind, Also it Opens You Up to the Infinite Possibilites of Existence. When You Open Your Third-Eye, You will go To Places that .. You had Forgotten All about 😀
    It is Located between Your Eyebrows or Slightly Above, In the Middle of Your Forehead and The Colour is A Deep Blue/Purple, Indigo 🙂
  • Last, though definetely Not Least, The Crown Chakra! It is The Highest Chakra of the 7 Basic Ones and It Is All About Our Consciousness and A Deep Sense of “Self”, More as in the Self that We Came Here to Be 🙂  It Is Connected With our Third-Eye, As The Energy of the Universe and All That Is, Flows Through this Chakra, Into Your 3rd Eye and From there, To Your Conscious-Mind 🙂  It is Like a Jewel of Immense Beauty on top of A Large Temple, that is Our Bodies. It is Located On the Highest Place of Our Foreheads, See it as A Tiara or a Crown (as it is) that Adorns Your Temple and Shines the Infinite-Self that You are 🙂  The Colour of Our Crown is A Deep Purple, A Light Pink or Purely White 🙂


Now I Wish to Remind You to Clear and Balance All of Your Basic Chakras, As When You do this, You will Feel alot More Balanced and Peaceful in Your Life and Everything Seems to Just Go well 🙂 As it Truly Is. Don’t Make Those Small Things Too Big to handle 😀
Alot of The Things We See and And Interact with During the Day, Whether Consciously or Not, Impact our Overall Health, Which is Governed By the “Quality” Of the Current of Energy that Is Flowing In and Out of Your Chakras. So stay Healthy And Go in to Nature Dears 🙂
And there it is! That is the Basic information of Our 7 basic Chakras, I will get more In to Detail on the next Few Days ! So If You are Interested, Stay Tuned and if Not, Then Fair Enough.  I Trust You found this Help-Full 🙂

Enjoy Your Day/Night Dears ❤

-NotALabel, JustA<3

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