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Why You should Not Be Kind :)

Good Evening My Beautiful People! I Trust Your Day Has Been well and If Not, Let Your Worries Fade, For an Eternity, Trust that All is Well πŸ™‚

I have Come here today, To talk about Kindness, as It has Been a while, Amongst Everyone on Earth to Do Their Best to Be .. “Kind”. I Shall Share My View on this and Tell You What I Think of it, Yes? πŸ™‚ Great!

Why You should Not Be Kind?

I Understand that It Might seem a bit of an Oddity to Discuss this, Though I Assure Thee, This is Muchos Importante!

So as You might Know, Alot of People want to Be Kind and Help others, Because They have been taught that This is something that You should/need to do.
Well, I’m here to tell You, That You should not πŸ™‚

Why Though?

I see Kindness as Getting Out of Your Own way, To Help someone Else and That’s Okay to Do, Though You might do it alot in Places where You Truly would not want to Help Someone else and This Might cause some Problematic Things.

You see, When You Help someone Even though You would definetely not want to and Would Love To do something Else, You Go Against Yourself and That’s something We dont want, now Do We πŸ˜€

If You go Against Your Own Feelings, It starts to Create Disharmony and Distrust Within You, As it Gives Your Body and Mind a Signal that You Do Not Care about Your Own .. Needs and Feelings (which We all Have!)

For some of Us, It is Programmed in Our Subconscious Mind that We Must Be Kind and Help others, So that They would see Us in a Certain Way and Also This is Closely tied with Religions that Limit Our Beliefs.

When This Occurs, it Might Be Hard for this Being to Go and Follow Their Own Feelings and Beliefs, Instead of those that Were Created By others.

You see, How You Treat others, Will Be How They Treat You. This Also Goes on Yourself..
How You Treat Yourself, is .. How You Treat Yourself πŸ˜€Β  If You Listen to Your Own Voice/s and Feelings, You will start Forming a Deeper Bond with Yourself and Those Voices that Are Judging You Within Your Mind, Will start to Fade as The Bond that You have With Yourself, CAN NOT, Be Tainted By others. Once You put Yourself Before others..

In Certain Societies, We have Been programmed By Movies and Heroes and Such to .. Sacrifice Yourself for Other’s Sake. It’s Time for this to Change Though. There is no need to Act as A Martyr for Other’s Sake. We are All Equally Infinite.

Though what I must Say as well, is that It is still okay To Help Others, or Sometimes “Sacrifice” Yourself, If You Truly Feel like it. No matter what .. Put Yourself Always First. Everyone Benefits When You take Great Care of Yourself πŸ™‚

So there You have it, I Trust it was Helpful in some way to You Dears!
We Will see Each other tomorrow, Yes?Β  No?Β  Ask Yourself, if You Feel like it Truly, Then give Me an Answer πŸ˜€

Lot’s of Love, More Precisely .. Self-Love! As well as a Few Nuts and Maybe Some Raw Chocolate ❀

Ultimately, Just Be Yourself, Dont be Kind. You’ll help more People that Way! ❀

-Reino πŸ˜€


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