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Breatharianism, Whoaaah! What the Hell is that? :D

Well Met Friend! You have Come.. You have come Once again! You are Forever Lured to Come and Read My Articles, Yeees! YEEESS! No? That’s okay too 😀

Oh You are though? That’s Great! 😀  I think You’ll Enjoy Being Here. You gotta take Care of Yourself though, I’m not Responsible for You or Your Actions.

So, Today, I’ve Chosen to Talk about Breatharianism.
What is that? You might Ask.
Or Perhaps You’ll Respond, “Oh, I know what that is! I’m Aspiring to do that, Please Tell Me More about this!”

And that’s what I’m here to Do!

So, What is this .. Breath.. Air.. Nism Thingy thing.

Well, To Put it short, It is, at it’s Core, Understanding that Everything is Energy and Energy can not Be Created or Destroyed. Also! Knowing that Everything is Connected, Every and Any Amount of Energy Comes From the Infinite Source and That Everything is The Infinite Source. Does this Make Sense? Great! Because Things making sense is Overrated 😀

So Where this all Leads to, Is that, We, As Multidimensional Beings and As All That Is, We are Infinite Energy and Therefore We Would not Need an External Source of Energy, Which is Most True 🙂

And this External Energy source is.. Food and Water/Drink.

WHAT?! Yes, There is No need for Food or Drinks to Survive 🙂

In “Ancient” Times (Feels Like Yesterday), There were Alot of Practitioners of Breatharianism, As They Were Aware that Everything is Energy and Therefore Connected. For Example, In Khemet, Ancient Egypt, It was all About Immortality, The Ankh, Breathing in the Air Through the Ankh, The Breath of Life that Connects All Beings.

When You Do not need an External Source of Energy anymore, Your Body and Your Mind will Start to Transform, As Now Your Body does not Have to Work on Processing these Foods that You .. Sometimes Constantly Might Be Putting in Your Mouth 😀
Now it has time To Work on Your Cells and Keep them “Youthful” and Energized.

The Only Reason Our Bodies Still .. Die or Become Useless and then We have to Get a New One from Mama Earth 😀  Is Because Of Our Lifestyle, Yes, But More so What We Put in Our Bodies. We have Been Taught that Eating is a Necessary part of Survival and Then We have been Tried to Be kept in Constant Survival Mode, To not Find Our Way to Love And The Truths. Though This is something that We all Agreed to Experience, so dont worry! 😀  (And We are doing Great By the way. We Now know that Our (the Sources’) Expansion can not Be Contained or Limited, Not Forever atleast)

So, Basically, We are Headed into a Future where .. Well, We’re Just Entering the Golden Age on Earth Once again, So Dont wonder what those People are Doing when They’re Not Eating or Drinking anything and Shining More than Anyone Else 😀

Does this Sound Interesting to You? Does it Resonate with You? Do You Feel Inspired to find Out more about this? If So, It’s a Good Chance that You’ll Be Starting to Head this Way 🙂  I Sure Am 😀  Though..

If You Are Headed in the Way of Living Purely From the Air, I Will Remind You .. There is No Hurry in Life ..

It Will Take It’s Own Time to Clear the Belief of Needing to Eat, From Our Subconscious Mind, Though it Will Be Worth it 🙂

Also, Take Slow Steps towards this, By Changing Your “Diet” Towards More Light-Based Foods. Let’s say for Example, You are Still Eating anything, I Suggest Taking a Step towards Either Vegetarianism or Veganism (As They respectively Are called 😀 ) And From there to Either Fully Raw or To Only Fruits (Some Still Eat Nuts) and From there to a Liquid Diet, Liquidarian. After a while Of Getting Used to this, You Might Be Ready, If You Still Desire, To step into Living Purely with Your Breath.

Once You Get to this stage, You will No Longer Feel a Sense of Hunger and The Amount of Rest Your Body and Your Mind Might Need, Will Be Drastically Decreased, if not Completely Gone 🙂

Truly, You should Only Leap from a Diet to Another, if You Feel that You are Ready. It Will take As Long or as Short as It Needs to. I Will not Give an Approximate amount of Time Needed for These/This Transition, Otherwise Your Mind Would Take that Time and Try to Force it into that Exact time 😀 So for Your Sake and Others sake, Go Always With How YOU Feel, not What You think is Right or Wrong, Or what Others think is Good for You, Just Purely Follow Your Feelings. Although it is okay to Ask if Going in a Certain Direction Will Serve You, As there are Some things on Earth still, That Might Affect Our Senses and Take Us to a Direction That is not the Most Serving 🙂

I Trust You found This Helpful and As Always, I AM Here for You and Yes You too, All of You, If You require further Assistance with Anything 🙂 ❤

Infinite Love and Balance ❤


Just Breathe Easy Maaaan..






Well Done! You made it to the Secret Place, Your reward Will Be a Kiss! *SMOOCH* :3

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