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What Religions Truly Are About? :)

Welcome Friendy Friend! Or I could also say, Welcome Me.

I have Chosen to Speak Up of the .. “Major” Religions and Their Teachings, Which I Truly Could go on about For .. Well, Moments, As You see, Time as a Linear Construct is something We have Been taught that is True, While Truly, You could Currently Be Existing as Planetary-Consciousness, Somewhere like 4 Light-Years away From Terra/Gaia/Earth.

So now that We got that Out of the way, We Might start talking about the Subject!

Religion, Under all of the Layers, Is Truly formed out of Fear, Fear of Having People do Anything They Truly Desire and Love 🙂
It is a Simple Tool to Control the Mass Population.

No! This *Insert Religious Character here* Wants the Best for Me!
For some, This might Be a Re-Action that You have been Designed to Use, Once Confronted with this information, Dont worry about it though 🙂

Some Might Be more Flexible with These Limiting Belief-Systems, Depending on the Way Your Subconscious Mind was Programmed During the First 7-Years of It’s existence, So You might also Re-Act More Calmly to this or Perhaps Even not At all, Knowing that it’s All Just .. “Whatever” 😀

Now, For those, If Any of You, I Am Aware of Those that Come to Me, Tend to Be Tied To Christianity in Some way or Another. So for those who Might have had a Stronger Urge to “Fight Back” At My Earlier Statement, Know this. The Desire to Control Others, is A Fear-Based Desire. As It is Quite Scary to Have others Do Anything They Really want, Is it Not? As They Could Harm You or Those Close To You, Or Maybe They would Just want to Kiss You 🙂  And Some might want to send You Photos of Their Naked Body, But that’s Okay too. 😀

You see, We Are All The Infinite Expression of the Infiniverse, The Multiverse, The Universe. We can Do whatever the Hell We want and Of course, To Every Action There is a Re-Action/Consequence. Everything is Affected By the Universal Law’s. These Law’s Do not Bind Us, or Try to Control Us, We Created Them, So We Would Learn!
The Major Fear of this Infinite Freedom of Expression that We have, Is that someone Would Hurt Us, Though You must Remember that They would Experience the Same thing that They have Given To Others To Experience. We All Are Experiencing Existence Together, Whether in Love or Sometimes Fear, WE are Still All One 🙂

Now let’s Get back into this Religion thing before we’re Somewhere On the Other Side of Existence 😀

The way that Religions Try to Control Our Thoughts and Actions, Is by the Way of Good and Bad. They have Based a Reward System for Doing “GOOD” Things and A Punishment System for doing “BAD” Things. You see, When One is Learning (all the “Time”), There is No Good or Bad, There is simply Learning 😀

Christianity for Example, Says that You go to Heaven, Which is Beautiful and Loving, but Only If You Do Certain things! If You Do .. “Sin”, Then You go to “Hell” To suffer for an Eternity. Personally, I would suffer for an Eternity, If it Means that I can Express Myself.  Let Me use this Quote that A Friend of Mine said.. If this “God” Created You in “His” Image and He is all Loving and So On, Why would He Ever put You, Which is Himself, In Hell to suffer for An Eternity, Because You were Acting the Way You Were Created? Like Why would Someone who Loves You (Himself) 100%, Ever Make You Suffer just Because You were Acting The way He Created You? That Just makes No sense, You know 😀

Religion has for a Long While Tried to Cut down the Divine Feminine, Which is what We Currently are Raising On Earth at a Fast pace in Our society. Because When We Designed Religions and Stuff, We Knew that The Divine Feminine would Be the way Out of Fear, Out of Controlling Situations, Because The Divine Feminine Is Not Rational, It’s The Most Outside the Box and Creative 🙂 AND SEXUAL!

One of the Main Reason for Me to Be Writing this now, Is that Of .. Simply Allowing Yourself to Be You and To Express Yourself Freely without any Fear of Some “God” Smiting You down. Most Truly, I Am Writing this so Everyone Would Be Free of Control, Free of Fear, or More so, Not Letting it Control You, Understanding that Fear is Your Friend that is Overprotective, So You need to See it Lovingly and Go Forward, Holding Love in Your Mind 🙂

One other Thing .. Is Sexuality. This is something that I Am.. Here to Remind and Teach Us of.
Religions have a Tendency to Cut down Sexuality as Being a Sin or So and I must say, This is something that I have a Challenging time Accepting As something that We taught to Ourselves 😀  I would Never Change Sexuality For anything .. It is.. So .. Intimate.. It is an Ultimate Self-Discovery Tool and “We” .. The Dragon Consciousness Is in Charge of Bringing it Forward Once again, To Planet Earth 🙂  So From here on Out, Expect Sexy Things 😀

I Trust You found this Helpful and Sexy. Just Re-Mind Yourself .. That You are Free to Express Yourself and Dont Be afraid of the Future, or the Past, or the Present! Remember that It is Okay for You to Express How You Feel and To Let Go of those Bottled Emotions and Please .. Let Go of Any Belief-Systems .. Not For Me, But For You, Which in Turn is For Me as well 🙂

Peace ❤






Congratulations, You made it to the Secret Level! Your Prize will Be Knowing that Only You can Save You, Not “Jesus”/Sananda. You are Responsible for Your Actions, Thoughts and Feelings ❤  😀

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