Acceptance, Change

Making Peace with Your Self :)

Welcome Everyone! You’re Very Dear to Me, You and You and You and that You as well, All of You’s 😀  Thank You for Coming here ❤

Today, This Moment, I Choose to Dedicate it for Loving Every part of Your “Self” 🙂

Shall We?
Arr Partner!
Avast, Ye Scurvy Thoughts!

Wait wait wait.. Hold up.
Are You making War with Your Thoughts and Your Feelings?
Do You wish to Change Your Thoughts and How Certain things Make You Feel?

Well .. Let Me tell You a bit of .. Somethin’ somethin’ ..

It all Starts with a Clear Decision. Stand Up and Stomp Your Feet on the Ground and YELL OUT LOUD THAT YOU WANT TO MAKE PEACE WITH YOURSELF!

Did You do that? Well, If not, then Go And do that! 😀
And if not, Then You can just say it Inside Your Mind 🙂

Simply making the Decision and Accepting all thoughts and Feelings that Might Rise ..

Just Allow Your Thoughts to Flow Without Resistance .. There might Be things that You do would Not usually want to Be there.. Just show Love to Them and Accept Them as They are.. Knowing that They Are simply thoughts .. They are not You, Though They are simply How You perceive things. Know that They come from Your subconscious Programmings.

You might also want to Visualize Yourself Making Peace with the Thing that Is Holding You back/Making You feel Uncomfortable.
You can see Yourself Shaking hands, or Hugging The Certain aspect of Yourself/Something else, that You wish to Transform into Love and Acceptance 🙂

Also, Let Me Remind You that.. What You see in others, is What You see in Yourself. Other Beings Mirror Your Being 🙂   And this is A Very Powerful Self-Discovery tool, I Highly suggest Using it!

Now that We have Made a Clear intention and An Act (If You Visualized), We can Start Embracing the Thought, or the Feeling and At First, This might Seem Dangerous, Because it is Dis-Owned part of Yourself and Tends to have a Lower Vibration of Fear attached to it and We are here to Raise the Vibration of this Part of The Infinite Reality, that You are 🙂

Simply just start Sensing or Thinking this Thing, Just Allow it to “Take Over” in a Loving way, Welcome this Sensation or Thought with Love .. You may let Go of Worrying and Just know that Everything .. Is Always Well and You are Protected and Loved .. Simply Keep Your Focus on Owning this Part of Yourself that You might have Loathed Before.. and Remind Yourself that You Want the Best for Yourself and Just.. Surround Yourself with Unconditional Self-Love and Acceptance as You Integrate this “Lost” part of You, back Into Yourself ..

Just Remember that.. You are Either Your Best Friend, Or Your Worst Enemy 🙂 And once the Enemy Within Dis-Appears .. So does the Enemy Without .. As Within.. So Without, As Above, So Below ..

Now that We have accepted this Feeling or Thought, We May also Want to Find out where it Came from, What Created This Subconscious Belief. Usually these things have Come from Our Society 🙂  I Must say, “Personally”, I AM Grateful for all of these Limits and Challenges, A Freaking Great Way to Grow 😀

Now I Hope You found this Help-Full and If the Thought or Feeling still Keeps coming Up, You keep on Accepting and Making Love to it, Buy it some Raw Chocolate, Talk All Sexy to it.. Then You may start Making out, No? Oh, Well, Then You Might just Accept it as it is, Which is the First Step to Transformation 🙂

There You have it, Also! You can Even Meditate on this Situation to Gain a Deeper Understanding of The Situation, To Help in Healing it 🙂

Lot’s of Love, Peace, Birds and Calm and Sensual Tea ❤


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