What Following Your Passion Does to You! :)

Hello Dearest Friends and Family! 🙂 We are Gathered here.. To Pay Our Respects to .. Well, What Do You Respect? Do You Respect Yourself? 🙂 Do You Respect all Life-Forms? Nothing? 🙂  Whichever it Might Be.. I Understand.

Now, We have Gathered here, To Discuss this Matter at Hand! Which would Be .. Dun Dun Dun!  What Happens to You, When You follow Your Passion, When You Become Your Passion 🙂

So Let’s start Listing!
Everyone Love’s lists, Yes? They’re Simple and Quite Easy to Read, Unless You .. Put a bit too Much Text into Them, Because You’re So Passionate of What You are Doing! 😀
.. And also Because You Just Might want to make People Read all of that, Because You know You’re a bit Mischievious 😛  With Loving Intentions of course!

  • Let’s start off with the Biggest Bang .. Did I tell You That My Favourite Chakra is the Sacral Chakra? Of course Along with the Heart 😀  Anyways!  Here, This is What Happens To Your Being, This is .. How Your Mind Starts To Work. You see, You Get so Excited about What You’re Doing, You just want to Immerse Yourself in it!
    It Get’s You Excited, is what I Am Saying, Sometimes Sexcited, If You have.. Certain Passions, Like Eating Nuts, Which are Good For Your Sacral Chakras Health!
    Truly though, You see this Projection of Joy, Laughter and Love I have Created on this Very Article? 🙂  That is .. How You can Expect Yourself to Be.. When You Follow Your Passion/s, Baby.
  • Number 2! My Favourite. Also I really Love Expressing Myself, Did You know that?
    What Else Does Following Your Passion Do To You and Your Mind and Your Body? 🙂
    Let Me just say.. It Works Wonders! It makes YOU, Yes Even You who are Laying on the Couch and All Tired of Existence, it Makes YOU want to Live Life with All Your Heart! And Just .. Be Yourself! Doesn’t that Sound Amazing?! Well, Just Wait Until You Get there, You’ll Be Flyyyyiiiinggg In the Clouuuuds … Aaaand Sometimes Even the “8th” Dimension, or Above. You know I Used to do that, I Still Am, because I exist on Every Dimension that There is, So do You, Just a Sidenote.
  • What’s Up with Number 3 Then? Well, Let Me think of This..  Truly, On so Many Levels, It Awakens Your Whole Being, It Fuels You, You do It Because You want to Express Yourself and that Is something alot of Seem so Stuck on, We are Afraid of Judgement from Others, But You see, Once the Judgement Within Disappears, So does the Judgement Without. Once You just start doing what You Love and Loving what You Do, Your Whole Body, The Physical One, Will start To Glow! And there will Be an Air of .. Fire Around You, The Fire of Passion/Desire/Drive, The Will and Want to Live! You will Be Shining No Matter Where You Are, You Will Radiate Good Stuff!
  • All of these are Tied together, As is Everything, So all of These Will Go Hand-to-Hand, Overall Though .. Following Your Passion .. Will Give You the Vitality, The Energy, The Youthfulness, The Joy, The Happiness, That You Deserve, That You are Worthy of And When You got All of that.. You Can Manifest Anything You want.. At Any Rate You want, The Higher You Fly, The Faster Things Will Go 🙂  As Dragon Consciousness, I Have Learned How Differently paced things are, In Different Dimensions, Naturally 🙂
  • Last But Not least, As I Already Talked a tiny bit about this, Manifesting Your True Desires .. When You Follow Your Passion, When You do what You Love and Love what You do, You start Moving into that Abundance-Mindset, You start Being and Feeling more Grateful, Happy, Loving, Infinitely Abundant and Just GLOWING BABY!  😀  And this will All Attract More of this .. You Will start Living in Infinite Abundance, When You Follow Your Calling, Your Passion and Then You’ll just say.. FEELS SO GOOD TO BE ALIVE BABY! Wait, this is not The place to Say that? Don’t worry about it .. Can I Get a Helloooooo Theeeere!  That was A Message of Thank You, To Ralph, Ralph Smart, Infinite Waters, a Dear Friend of Mine, Check Him out if You Feel Drawn to it 🙂 ❤

I trust You found This Help-Full and I would also Love to Thank YOU for Being Here and Fueling My Passion To The Greatest Of Heights! What are Your Passions? What Are You Passionate about? Is it .. Helping others Get Their Butt off the Couch and Start Yoga-ing? Or is it Just Brewing Tea? Whichever it is.. I Know You will Find It, If You already Have not, Have a Beautiful Now Moment 🙂  ❤




The “Now” Never ends .. So Basically, Have a Beautiful “Life” 😀

-Reino-Matti ❤







Would You like to Re-Enact the Big Bang?

Charming, Is He Not?

I Just Love Me .. And I want to see You Love You too ❤


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