Inspiration, Motivation


Welcome To this Noble Abode! You have come Here to Become Inspired and Motivated to Be Your Unique and Authentic Self that You are Here to Be! Or Perhaps For some other reason 😀  Whichever it is, You are here! And I AM Grateful for this, Now Let Us Roll Into it!


Unique, a One of. Like None Other.

You are Unique! Did You know this? Perhaps You knew this, Though Not in which Way? Or Perhaps It is Some other way for You, We Are All Unique Expressions of the Infinite Source, We are the Source of Everything, We are The Infinite Expression of The Entire Existence.

There is No Other YOU In the Whole Universe!

You can Not Be Contained!

You are a Multi-Dimensional BE-ing!

You can Be/Do/Create Anything ..

You, The Authentic You, Are Power-FULL Beyond Any Measurings and Only You .. Can Create the Reality on Earth .. That You came Here to Create … And You are Ready .. For the Next Step ..

You see, We Are Not “Equal” in Our Minds and Bodies and Such, Because We are All on Different Levels .. You Might Be in Chapter 3 part 8, While Someone else Might Be in Chapter 6 Part 1 or Ch.2 Part 5. Truly, You are Where You are And that Is All Well and Good 🙂   Some could Be in Chapter 244 part 70, Though Do not Let that Discourage You, Just Re-Mind Yourself .. That We.. As an Infinite Reality, Never Stop Learning and Expanding, There is no .. Over there, There is Only Now And Here 🙂

Under All Measurings of Situations and Such .. We are All One, We All Come From the Same Source, We All Are the Same Source. You see .. All Life-Forms are Valuable and When You Value Your Own Life, You Value that Of others 🙂  No matter if this Life would Be in the Form of a Ladybug, A Star, or any Humanoid Body, They would All Be Connected Through the Same Breath, The Breath of Life, The Unity of Existence ..

We All have Our Own and Unique Vibration, Which Forms A Unique Colour Expression. So Basically, We are All Different Colours of Paint, Painting an Infinite Canvas that We Call the Universe 🙂

You Too! We Call You To Step UP And Be That YOU That You Came Here to BE! Live Authentically, No matter what Anyone Else might still Say and Be Ready For Challenges, Though see them As a Gateway to Limitless Freedom, A Gateway to Peace 🙂

Everyone Of Us have a Different Path, that Might Be Reaaaallly Different from Others, Though what We Must Remember, Is that We all Go Through Necessary Transits 🙂

You Did not Come here to Act Small and Keep things Low .. NO! I know That You know That You Came here to Make Power Moves and Elevate the Whole Existence of Earth into the Higher Dimensions, Where Her Rightful Place is 🙂
You know How To Do This.. You simply Have to Follow Your Own Guidance.
You are Your Best Guide and Only You know What Action to Take and into What Direction 🙂

Thank You for Coming here .. We Shall See Again, If We Shall. Now, You have a Mission to Undertake, I will Let You Go Forward with It ❤

Lots Of Love .. Pistachios .. Kale .. And All The Other Great Stuff! 😀

-Reinoooo-Mattiiii ❤









You Found the Secret Place! Well Done .. I’ll see You in Atlantis, If Not Before 😉

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