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Are Your Surroundings Serving You? :)

Warm Welcome to You, My Dear Friends and Lovelies 🙂  Thank You for Joining Me here, at this Moment!

Today We’re Going to talk about Something Interesting, As Always 😀  Atleast, I Find These Things Interesting and So do You, Most Likely, Since You are here! .. Or are You.. There.. ?
So, what We are going to talk about is .. Your Surroundings ..  Ohh Yeaah.
Does This seem really Interesting to You? If so, Then You got some Weird interests, Let Me say 😀   Dont worry though, I was the One Who chose to Talk of This, Which Means that We are Both Weird!  Hint: I Love Taking Pride from Being Weird = I Love Being My Authentic Self that I CAME HERE TO BE! ^.^

So Let Us get into it, I Might Need to Use the Toilet, So give Me a moment..

I Am weighing The Options of Leaving that there, or just Erasing it, You know .. I Just Love doing things that Might Make Others, Or Myself uncomfortable, Because that is Just Me Putting Myself out of the Comfort Zone, Alright.
I Think I have Created a Mix of Live Journalism and .. Articles that Assist Others in Enhancing Their Lives .. THIS IS GREAT! Thank You for Being Here, Witnessing Me Being Me, I AM Grateful for this ❤

Anyways, Now..

Are Your Surroundings Serving You?
Ask Yourself that.
Are They Serving You? Are You Surrounded By Loving People and A Nurturing Environment? Do You hear the Birds Singing When You wake Up? Do You sing with Them?  Are You surrounded By .. Concrete, On All Sides? Or are You surrounded By Wood, A Forest, Any Nature Type of Place, A Calm and Serene Environment (Does not have to Be Nature)?

No? Yes?
If Not, Then Follow Me and If Yes .. Follow Me .. Actually, Don’t Follow Me, Okay Except Maybe here on WordPress, But Follow Yourself, You are the One who is Going to take You to the Places YOU Want to Go, Others can Help You, But not take You there 🙂

So, If Your Answer Was No .. Then Dont worry about it, I Trust and Know that Change Will Come, As it Always Does 🙂  So Let’s start BE-Ing the Agent For Change!
We have to Embody the Change itself, To Bring it Forward, We are The Change.

Let Me tell You a bit About the Importance of Your Surroundings First ..

Did You know that.. Your Subconscious Mind.. Literally is Doing Millions of Things at the Same time? Oh Yeaahh!
Your Subconscious Mind is Always Present, It is Always Aware of Every single thing That is Close to You, Depending on Where You are in Life .. Some People are Aware of Things That Are Kilometers/Miles away From where Their Body Is And so Are You, Not Necessarily Kilometers, Atleast a 100 Meters from where Your Body is.
It’s Aware of Peoples Feelings, Thoughts, Actions .. Everything .. Even How Fast or Slow the Blood is Flowing through Their Veins 😀  (If it is)  (I Hope it is)

All of These Informations and Things that Your Mind Picks up .. All of these Things Affect Your DNA. Your DNA Is Constantly Changing, Which Means that All of Your Cells are Constantly Changing and Whatever You Surround Yourself with .. Is a Great Factor to Your Personal Advancement and Joy In Existence 🙂

You see .. If You always Surround Yourself with People who are Grumpy or Afraid or So .. You Will start Picking Up these Vibrations and Then Your DNA Will start Changing With these 🙂
Now Let Me remind You of something .. When You are Operating at a Higher Vibration, Let’s say Vibration of Love, You can not Be Touched By the Lower Vibrations such as Fear, Unless You Give Permission to it 🙂

If You Surround Yourself with Alot of Gasses and Non-Peaceful Noises, You Wont Be Feeling Too Well and This is Especially True for those.. Who’s Vibration is Closer to that of Love, Than Fear, As You Become More Sensitive to Your Surroundings and Everything Else, Once You Raise Your Vibration 🙂

So if You want to Keep Your Vibration High and Loving, or if You want to Raise Your Vibration Even Higher, Then You Must Surround Yourself with an Environment that Supports and Loves You 🙂
Right here where You are.. Is a Great Place to BE 😀
Because This is a Loving Environment and It Supports You, I Support You, In whatever Endeavor You Choose to Experience! 🙂 ❤

You Deserve to Have Loving People Around You!
You Deserve to Feel Great!
You Deserve the Most Loving Relationship/s In the Multiverse!
You Deserve to Be Free!
You Deserve A Beach Party!
You Deserve to have Your Desires!
You Deserve …. Raw Chocolate 😛  (Imagine, If You Desire Raw Chocolate.. Then You would Deserve to have Double the Raw Chocolate!!)

Thank You for Coming here at this Moment, I Trust You Found something that was of Use, The Smallest Bits of Information, Create the Largest .. Structures, or Something Along those Lines 😀
You know, The Macro consists of the Micro, The Large Consists of the Small 🙂
Change One thing and You Change the Whole Thing
Everything is Connected ❤

Lot’s of Love .. Supporting People, Nature .. And Kisses ❤

-Reino-Matti 🙂










No Bonus this Time!

Though that was a Bonus in Itself, Was it Not? 0.O



Extra Pineapple Juice for Everyone!  😀

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