The Solar Eclipse on the 21st. What’s Up with that?

Welcome! Welcome Welcome. I Realize I have been Absent from these walls for a While now and It was Due to Me needing a Break and Focusing On Myself and My Whole Being, which Has Now Been Fully Transformed and I expect more Changes tomorrow For All of Us ! 🙂   (I still Might Need a Few More Days after this post, We shall see)

So! Let’s talk aboot the Solar Eclipse on .. Well Tomorrow at the Moment I Am writing this, Most likely Today for You 🙂
Why Do I want to talk about it though?
Because it is Important.
We got that, Yes.


We are/Were In the Cosmic Trine. The Lunar Eclipse that Happened a Few weeks ago, The Lions Gate on 8.8 and Now this Solar Eclipse.
These 3 Form a MASSIVE .. Let Me Repeat that word.. MASSIVE Amount of Energy and Push Towards Huge Changes/Transformation/Healing.

This Last part of This Trine, The Solar Eclipse Will Bathe Us in the Energies of Love, Joy, Creative and Passion 🙂
So Quite Childlike stuff, Thankfully ❤
I Just Love Being a Child! I Bet You would too, You should Try it! *Nods*  😀

So, Tomorrow/Today, Expect .. To Be Feeling .. Perhaps a Bit Different from the Usual, Especially if You are Located in North America, As it Will Be a Full Solar Eclipse for That Area. (As These Energies were most needed there)

These Energies will Be Apparent to All who have Their Senses Open, All of Those who have Their Eyes to see with 😀
It Will Be Very Transforming for alot of People, As it Completes the Trine of Big Changes and Seals all of These .. Energies that We are ready to Let Go of, So Hang tight, Get Your Meditations on, Whether Passive or Active Matters not and Just Consciously Be Aware of These Energies, as They Will Be more Powerful for You, If You are 🙂

I Trust You found this entertaining and Informative, Both are Equally importante and We will see Each other in .. Whenever I Truly Feel ready 🙂

Blessings of Abundance and Love ❤

-Reino-Matti 🙂












I suggest Grabbing a Big Ass …  Teacup And sitting down Next to a Fire and Just Enjoying Existence, No matter If You have Bananas or Not.


And I suppose a Butt would Be Enjoyable to Grab as well 🙂

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