About Reino

Well, well, well, You Decided to come here. I can see that, Although really, I AM most likely not looking at You right now, Still, I Knew that You are here, perhaps I just Foresaw it 😀

Well, here, Let me share some Background information About Miself. I have been into many different Stars, atleast I Feel so and the Feelings are the Truth of the Soul. One of the First Stars I chose to Live in, Was Sirius A. A Star that is like a Meeting place for Alot of People, I Once Felt as if it would have been like a “Trading Plaza”, Because there were and are so many BEings from All Around the Cosmos there, Teaching, Loving, Laughing (Yes, Even if they would not have a mouth), Healing and Simply Just BEing and Embracing the Unity of All Things 🙂 Now, I did not come here to talk about Beings on Sirius! Or did I? Well, Maybe I did, I’ll do that in another article 😀 As You may have already Sensed with Your Strong Feelings, You can sense the Passion and En-Joy-Ment, within My Writings and as every other Feeling, It is something that is True. Most of Us came on Earth (By Us, I mean You and Me and Everyone else who Primarily came here to Teach and Assist, not to Learn) Right Before Atlantis was Constructed and Brought to this 3D Reality and Now, WE have Come once again, Right Before Atlantis is here. Truly Beautiful Times, once You find the Right Things to Listen to 😀 Like Your Heart. So, I have been In Atlantis, and After that Ancient Khem (Egypt) after that, It is a Bit Blank for me still, Don’t worry about it 🙂

How do I do what I do ? By Being Authentic, Staying Yourself is one, if not, the most important things to do! I AM Anything that I want Myself to BE, WE ARE Infinite, This is the Truth and What Do I Choose to do with that Infinity, I Choose to Share Myself with the World, Assist, Motivate, Innovate, Love and Care for Others, as I Serve Others, I Serve Myself as well, There is no Separation, That is what You need to Remember!                          We Are All One! There is No Fear, There Is no Limits, These are Merely Illusions and Why not Enjoy Tearing those Illusions Down, Eh ? 😀

If You Truly Wish to Know more about Me, You may simply ask from Me, I Wont Bite, I Promise 🙂 Otherwise, I’ll let my Wisdom Speak for ME 😀

Love, Peace, Balance and Harmony And Of course JOY! ❤ 🙂

-Reino-Matti Laukkanen (for now)